A Baby Giraffe, Therapy Dogs & Trained Rats!

More than 400 MILLION viewers around the world tuned in to see a pregnant giraffe in an animal park in New York give birth! Joy Hernandez talked to the owner of the park and shares some new info about mom April and baby Tajiri.

A therapy dog is a mild-mannered, good-natured, well-trained critter. On this show you'll meet two therapy dogs from very different backgrounds. I met one therapy dog who works at Christel House, and was bred specifically for the job.

Watch the video above for a sneak peek - thanks to Paul Montgomery at Christel House for sharing it!

Adam Dunn introduces us to the other dog, a discarded shelter dog. Both share a calm and human-loving temperament.

Oh rats! Jason Heath introduces us to a young gal who trains rats. You'll be surprised at all the fun things these smart rodents can do!

The CEO of the largest shelter in the state is retiring. I'll share my visit with John Aleshire. Caring and compassion combined with hard work and perseverance have made IndyHumane a successful role model!

And, does your pet makes a mess? Tune in to “Your Pet's the Star” and see if your pic or video made the cut . . . funny how even messy pets are cute! (That's Riley pictured below - and he loves shredding paper)

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