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A Path to Success

Setting our children up for success is an obvious goal of parenting, but what about for our pets? This thought came to me when the recent snowfall coincided with finding yet another poop under my bed. It seems that Toto had already forgotten his New Year’s resolution to take his potty breaks outside. So I have decided to help him out – to clear any obstacles for his path to success.

With shovel in hand, I headed out – not to the front to clear the walk, but to the back to create a path along with a patch of grass. This path, I hoped, would become a place of encouragement and empowerment. You see, like most small dogs Toto doesn’t like the cold. In fact, on a recent snowy walk, he only made it to the neighbor’s house before running back home – without taking care of business.

So I scooped him up and carried him to the backyard for another attempt. Then I gently placed Toto in the freshly shoveled grass area and waited, blocking the narrow path back to the house with my body. Some may call that cruel; I call it training. Of course my stubborn precious pup would not go on command and scurried back in, escaping through the deep snow on the opposite side.

But I didn’t give up. Eventually, Toto gave in and gave way. He utilized the patch again and again. And because it’s a small area, you guessed it. One trip out resulted in a remnant coming back in – on my shoe. Upon discovery, it didn’t bother me at all. I smiled thinking that it was better on my shoe than under my bed.

So grab a shovel and help set your pooch up for success. Snow, sleet, or rain, it’s time they take their business outside!


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