A Well-Trained Dog Is a Happy Dog

Many people have asked, “Why train my dog and what’s in it for me?” Why train your dog? Training your dog creates a better bond between you and your pets. If you are rewarding your dogs to do things for you, they are happier because they are getting your attention. They are expending energy that will not be channeled in other destructive directions after training, and they frequently look for a place to just take a nap.

Besides, how many times have you been in public, saw a well-behaved dog and wondered how it got that way? Most of the time, it is because someone took the time to train it in acceptable behavior. Some people believe that they haven’t trained their dog because they don’t know how to do it. Actually, most everyone has trained his dog. For instance, housebreaking a dog is indeed training! Dogs are not born with the instinct to go outside. It is with patience, praise and repetition that they learn that they need to potty outside --- not on the carpet!

Can dogs learn more? Absolutely, but they don’t learn the same way we do, nor do they learn at

the same speed as their doggy friends. That is where a trainer that is certified in dog behavior and training can be a valuable aid. Dogs truly don’t learn the way we do, and, more importantly, they don’t generalize. In other words, if you teach them to not jump on the sofa in the living room, they will not automatically know not to jump on the love seat in the den. So they have to be trained that each place is not allowed. It takes lots of patience, repetition and consistency.

If you are experiencing challenging issues with your furry family member, or just want to connect better with your precious pet, contact Mike Underwood at Camp Bow Wow in Lawrence, Ind., (317) 709-1956.

PHOTO: Mike and Kathy Underwood, owners of Camp Bow Wow Lawrence.

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