All About Dogs and Cats!

Remember our story on the "dumpster momma dog and her three puppies"? Journey was a rescued dog who was so depressed and withdrawn, no one thought she could even be adopted. But, lo and behold, the perfect family showed up, and now the real Journey has begun!

Come along with me to the famous Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art to visit with the curator of the amazing exhibit called “Dogs: Faithful and True.” It's a wonderful, educational experience highlighting man's (and woman's!) best friend throughout history!

Speaking of “best friends,” I'll take you to Hollywood to meet some of the team behind the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. This Utah-based rescue is widely praised as one of the best, and we're talkin' KITTENS. Did you know over 5,500 dogs and cats are euthanized EVERY DAY? What can we do to help? It's information you can use . . . and yes, I did get to hold some kittens.

I also got to meet and greet some stars in L.A. during my recent trip, as I attended the preview screening of the movie “Gifted” and got to talk to some of the stars including Chris Evans. The film features a 10-year-old girl, played by Mckenna Grace, who has the “gift” of mathematical genius.

The dilemma is, how does the family deal with that -- let her be a kid or isolate her and develop her amazing skills? At the center of the movie is a one-eyed cat named Fred who is her . . . Best Friend!

Our veterinary journalist Tom Dock is front and center with exercise on his mind. Let's shed some pounds as we pound the pavement . . . and preview Mutt Strut at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Start your puppies! You'll love it . . . this weekend on Pet Pals TV!

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