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Best In Show!

SQUIRREL!! That'll get your attention (and maybe your dog's, too!)

Joy Hernandez takes us on an adventure with a motorcycle riding guy and his pet squirrel . . . and no, they're not nuts! Pretty cool!

Shelter dogs team up with male juvenile offenders for a wonderful outcome. The organization Paws and Think takes dogs that need training to be good pets and teaches at-risk youth how to use positive reinforcement to make them adoptable. In the process, the young men learn some valuable life skills, too!

Coffee and cats just naturally go together . . . well, at least they do at the Nine Lives Cat Cafe in Indianapolis’s Fountain Square. It's a purr-fect combination.

Pets have often graced the house, and the lawn, of the White

House. Multimedia journalist Adam Dunn reveals some Presidential Pets. Some surprising finds in this historical perspective.

Service Dogs have access to anywhere their humans can venture, but they may need some help getting acclimated to some stressful situations. Come along with Pet Pals TV to Los Angeles and “ride” the Air Hollywood setup designed to help dogs get comfortable on an airplane.

Surely, you'll love this . . . oh, and don't call me Shirley!

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