Big horses, big cats . . . and more!

VIDEO: Patty has a behind-the-scenes preview of this weekend's Pet Pals TV!

What are the special characteristics of an Arabian horse? Our Caroline Thau, who is Pet Pals TV’s horse expert, talks to the owners of this majestic breed.

The hurricanes have been wreaking havoc on pets around the country. Joy Hernandez has the story on how a rescue in Indiana went above and beyond to help critters in need from Houston.

You like cats? BIG cats? Check out the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fla., that houses dozens of abused, neglected and discarded lions, tigers and cougars. Can you guess which Big Cat has a Big Purr? (If you picked cougar, you could be right!)

And, it's a celebration of little cats, too, on Pet Pals TV. Check it out to see if the photos of your favorite felines made it on our next show. Nice kitty, soft kitty, pretty kitty! (hint: click on a kitty to enlarge photo)

Come along with us to Cincinnati, Ohio, to visit the home of Pet Wants pet food and find out why the founder decided to take matters into her own hands and develop her own high quality pet food.

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