Can your dog become a service dog?

Do you think your dog has what it takes to be a service dog, but you can't afford to pay for a fully trained service dog? Next month, Indianapolis-based Medical Mutts is offering group classes designed for dog owners who wish to train their dogs to assist them or a relative with a disability.

The curriculum takes a little over a year to complete and covers dog behavior and training techniques for up to 30 different commands. You will learn how service dogs should behave in public, how to deal with strangers and store managers, how to get the dog to stay under the table at the restaurant and much more. Training methods are based on developing the dog's confidence and desire to learn, and you will learn, too! You will efficiently teach your dog through positive reinforcement methods, which will improve your communication and strengthen your relationship with your dog.

​The full package includes 35 hours of teaching, 30 hours of practice with trainers, a manual with detailed training plans and training logs, and coaching videos. The five-week classes start March 25 and cost $290. For more info, click here.

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