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Can your dog influence who you date? You betcha!

Survey says dogs have influence in human romantic relationships.

You have a pup. You also have a new girlfriend/boyfriend. Can your new romance be vetted by your dog?


Here’s the story from the Wag! website:

A survey by Wag!, the on-demand dog walking app, polled 2,000 dog parents and it shows pets have a definitive say in human romantic relationships. According to Wag!, dogs often get to "speak" about a new relationship, with 77 percent of respondents agreeing that a pet's perception of a new love interest is highly important.

The study examined the dating tendencies, habits and red flags of 2,000 dog owners. While people may not always listen to a parent’s or friend's dating advice, 50 percent of respondents would not even consider dating someone who did not like their dog. Seven in 10 would say that their dog is an excellent judge of character.

“At Wag! we're crazy about dogs and the people who love them, so it's no surprise to us that so many dog parents look to their pets for help when it comes to judging the character of a potential mate," says Hilary Schneider, Wag! CEO. “A dog's intuition is like no other and I would trust both of my dogs' implicitly when it came to their first impressions of someone."

Because dogs have proven to be a deciding factor for future suitors, consider the following dating red flags:

Expressing jealousy: Expressing jealousy over the attention dog owners give their pups was the number one red flag when it came to dating. Half of those surveyed said jealousy towards their pup is not something they would put up with.

Playing too rough: 50 percent of respondents agreed that being too rough with their dog is unacceptable.

Not showing interest: Nearly half (45 percent) of dog owners said not taking interest in their dog is a turn-off, and ignoring the dog is nearly as bad (43 percent).

Putting the dog in a separate room: 43 percent also agreed that a partner moving their dog into another room during a date is a huge offense.

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