Caroline Thau Meets "Gobi"

It’s a story that captivated me and has grabbed the hearts of so many others. So when I first laid eyes on this now famous dog in New York’s Central Park, the words out of my mouth were the same heard often these days by her owner….. “Gobi- Oh My Gosh. It is you!” I met up with this unlikely pair and heard their story firsthand from Finding Gobi author Dion Leonard. While cuddling that stalwart little dog, Leonard tries to explain how the small stray appeared out of nowhere in China’s Gobi desert, latching on to his side as he worked his way to the lead in a grueling 7 day race. Here's the story:

But even as Leonard speaks, the surprise and wonder is still evident in his voice. It almost felt as if even he, nearly a year later, has a hard time grasping the reality of what happened. That small pup, matching him step by step, keeping pace wanting so hard to be be seemingly “his”. I was enamored all over again but Gobi was right there! I couldn’t keep from petting her. Their amazing and at times, heartbreaking journey to finally be together is one you don’t want to miss.

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