Chester Copperpot: Senior pup is back home again

My friend Ann Ellerbrook's son, Adam Frick, rescued a brindle pit mix 11 years ago in New Orleans. He named him Chester Copperpot, and he has had plenty of adventures in his now old age (somewhere around 12 or 13).

Where did he get his funky name? "I named Chester after a minor character in the movie The Goonies," says Adam. "When I adopted him in New Orleans in 2009 he was called Tex, but that’s just what the dog pound called him. I chose to adopt him after watching him use his nose to push his sleeping blanket onto two cold puppies in a nearby cage. I thought he deserved a full, proper name with a personality like that!

"He wouldn’t have lasted another month in that pound because he’s part pit bull, and everyone looking for a dog was afraid of him. How little they knew!"

After New Orleans, Adam moved to Bangkok for a year. Chester did, too. Adam then moved to New York City, but Chester couldn’t stay in Adam’s apartment so he moved into the lap of luxury with Adam’s grandparents for a few years, where he was treated like royalty. Then Adam and his family moved to The Hague, Netherlands.

Adam and his mom, Ann, prepare Chester for the trip to the Netherlands.

When the grandparents moved a couple of years ago, they couldn’t take Chester with them. So Adam flew back to Wawaka, Indiana, to retrieve his dog and take him overseas.

Chester now lives an indulgent life in The Hague with his human parents, three human sisters and a feisty cat named Spook. He's gone on a couple of vacations in Europe with his family and loves to travel.

"It’s been hard to keep him with all of my life travels and transitions, but love and loyalty often go hand in hand and he’s worth it," says Adam.

Chester’s favorite things to do are be near his family, eat, sleep, take walks and pass gas.

Livin' the good life, Chester Copperpot!

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