Combat Dog, Albert the Turkey & More!

Hi, it's Patty here! Come along with me to Hollywood as I give you exclusive insights into the upcoming movie “Megan Leavey.” Based on a true story, this film explores the bond between an outcast young Marine woman, tapped to be the trainer for an overly aggressive bomb-sniffing dog overseas in a war zone. At the core of the movie is the idea of finding a purpose in life and pursing your dreams . . . and, of course, how the love of a dog can help a human achieve all these things! Rated PG-13, the movie opens June 9.

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Meet Albert the Turkey - saved from certain death at a slaughter farm last Thanksgiving. Now, he's a viral video star. He loves to hug - and see how he behaves inside his family's California home! Jason Heath talked to the owner - and Albert steals the spotlight!

Meet a man who loves his chickens. He's the Chicken Whisperer! Our videographer/reporter Adam Dunn has this “foul” fun and informative look at pet chickens. There's also an “egg-stra” bonus to having chickens as pets!

The Eiteljorg Museum has an educational and informative exhibit titled “Dogs: Faithful and True,” which illustrates the important role canines have played in the human history! This expansive exhibit, in downtown Indianapolis, runs through Aug. 6.

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