Daisy, Zoey & Pipsqueak

After months of searching for just the right dog to add to our family, I came across a photo of not one, but two adorable girls waiting for adoption from United Yorkie Rescue. The girls were referred to as pocket pets because of their small size. This was perfect for us as we have a special needs 1.8 pound Yorkie named Pipsqueak (pictured at top). We had been looking near and far for a rescue dog that would be a match for Pipsqueak.

The girls, Daisy and Zoey, were a bonded pair who had been surrendered to a high-kill shelter in Tennessee. Zoey is a 12 year old 2.5 pound Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix, and Daisy is an 8 year old 3 pound Maltese. The girls showed evident signs of neglect and were covered in fleas and underweight. Luckily, United Yorkie Rescue (UYR) removed them from the kill shelter very quickly. The rescue took the girls to the vet and groomer and then began screening applicants. UYR was very thorough to ensure these two special pups were going to the right home.

And boy did they find the right home! It was love at first sight! They are the perfect addition to our family and bring joy to our household every day. Soon, we hope Daisy will be able to spread joy to those in need as a Paws & Think therapy dog. She starts training next month, and paws crossed she is able to succeed with the skills. We are so thankful for rescues like UYR who work so hard to ensure discarded dogs are given another chance.

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