Disaster preparedness . . . for pets, and more

With all the news filled with images of natural disasters and folks dealing with the aftermath, how do you prepare for the worst? Hard to imagine, but certainly a necessary thing to think about. Tom Dock outlines some basic ideas and takes us to Houston where veterinarians there are still overwhelmed with a heartbreaking workload.

Next, our Jason Heath talks to friends at Austin Humane in Texas about how they are helping and healing. Austin, while not hit as hard as Houston, has been stepping up to help those pet owners suffering incredible pain with lost and injured pets. VIDEO: Here's a look at one of the dogs separated from his owner (you'll learn the happy ending this weekend).

On a lighter note, let's do some dog talk! Steve Sweitzer goes to the IUPUI International Swim Meet where youthful athletes welcome therapy dogs after grueling competition. Our friends at Paws and Think provide this much-needed furry diversion . . . and don't worry about any language barriers -- pet lovers the world over speak “dog”!

An emotional yet uplifting story from Emily Kinzer who profiles a mother whose child loved horses. The amazing daughter has since passed, but Mom wanted to fulfill her daughter's dream . . . and a horse with deformed feet is the key to this amazing profile in courage. Tissue alert.

Have you always wanted to visit exotic lands and get up close and personal ​​with incredible critters? Tag along with “travel leaders” Ann Craig-Cinnamon and John Cinnamon as they explore the Galapagos . . . WOW, JUST WOW, I wanna go (stamping foot)!! Let's pack our bags!!

Service dogs are highly trained animals who complete a task for a human with a disability. It's a high calling for any dog, but can a shelter dog become a service dog? I'll talk to the hosts/dog trainers of a new hit TV show on Animal Planet called “Rescue Dog to Super Dog” about just that. You might just love this story!

(cover photo courtesy of Valerie Ackley/Facebook)

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