Feeder-Robot - Wi-Fi-Enabled Automatic Pet Feeder & Food Dispenser

For any pet owners that work until late in the day and get home as the sun is already starting to set (or has already set down), it would be extremely convenient to have a reliable way of controlling your pet's feeding habits. That's because a healthy diet is important for everyone, so obviously, that also includes your pets. With that said, if you're a pet owner that's currently working far from home during the day and you're looking for a bullet-proof way of controlling your pet's diet and feeding habits, then the Feeder-Robot is the perfect thing to integrate in your ever evolving Smart Home!

The Feeder-Robot is a Wi-Fi-enabled automatic cat feeder and dog feeder that allows pet owners to monitor and control their pet’s feeding habits right from their Smartphone.

This awesome Pet Gadget is made by Litter-Robot, which is a very dedicated pet company that's focused on developing better quality-of-life pet gadgets for pet owners and their pets. In fact, we have even reviewed the company's first-ever released product, which is none other than its Litter-Robot 3 Connect, an amazing Self-Cleaning Smart Cat Litter Box.

Now, back to the Feeder-Robot. This is the perfect Pet Gadget for pet owners with pets that just seem to never stop eating, as well as for any pet owners that are looking for a better way of controlling their pet's diet(s) and eating habits in a healthier manner by relying on the feeder's simple, convenient and easy-to-follow portion control methods.

While you can operate the unit's automatic pet food dispenser by using its built-in controls, pet owners can also control it via their Smartphone by using the unit's proprietary AutoPets Connect App, which offers customizable feeding options for their pet's mealtime needs.

As such, since this automatic pet feeder is also App-enabled and fully configurable, that also makes it a great Pet Gadget to have around for any pet owners that regularly experience their cat or dog whining for food in the late hours of the night after they already went to sleep. With that said, by having the Feeder-Robot in an accessible spot for your pet(s) within your home, you can completely eliminate that type of behavior after quickly configuring the unit's daily feeding programs via its Smartphone App.

Additionally, the pet feeder's Smartphone App also features some extra cool features like Smartphone Alert Notifications for whenever its food hopper is getting low on pet food, customizable daily quantities for its portion-controlled meals and an Automatic Settings Save function that conveniently saves and memorizes all of your already-configured meal settings, so even if the unit loses goes offline, pet owners can have peace of mind by knowing that their pet will be fed the right amount of their ration on time, every time.

Lastly, if for any reason food is not dispensed, the unit also sends you an immediate Smartphone notification via the App.

With so many cool features, it's really hard to pass on this pet gadget, but in case you're still not fully convinced that this one is for you, kindly join us on our detailed review of the Feeder-Robot, where we take a detailed look at everything that this automatic pet feeder and food dispenser has to offer you.


Starting with the pet feeder's dimensions, the unit measures exactly 12.5 inches long by 13 inches wide (at the top) by 15 inches tall, and the unit weighs exactly 9 lbs. when completely empty. Now, the feeder's base is slightly smaller than the unit's top side (meaning the top side of its pet food hopper), measuring just 11.25 inches long by 9 inches wide.

Overall, this automatic pet feeder features a very sleek and minimalist design that allows the unit to seamlessly blend in with just about any choice of home decor you have at home.

It's also worth to mention that this automatic pet feeder also comes with a high-quality plastic bowl included that's 100% BPA-free, and the unit’s included plastic bowl is also dishwasher-safe, or ultimately, can alternatively be washed by hand.

The same goes for its plastic pet-food hopper (also 100% BPA-free), which makes this automatic pet feeder perfectly suitable for both dogs and cats.

The feeder's pet-food hopper can handle dry pet kibbles to semi-moist kibbles, and when it comes to its maximum capacity, the unit's hopper can hold up to 32 cups of pet food.

The unit itself can dispense up to 1 cup of food per interval, and that can be programmed to occur up to 8 times a day after connecting the unit to its proprietary Smartphone App (which we'll discuss at the end of the article).

At the top of the unit's automatic-locking pet-food hopper, we also have a tamper-resistant lid that ultimately keeps the unit's automatic food dispenser secure and your pet's food perfectly fresh at all times.

Additionally, the unit's pet-food hopper also features a hopper-level indication meter that helps pet owners stay informed about when the unit's hopper is starting to run low on pet food.

Moreover, this automatic pet feeder also features a Anti-Jam Technology that helps to prevent any food-related jams at the times that the unit automatically dispenses food for your pet, which ultimately helps to ensure that your pet always stays properly feed with your previously configured food-portion / food-amount (which, as mentioned earlier, can done via the App).

This automatic pet feeder features a Power Rating of 110 Volt AC and the unit's power cord is also chew-resistant, so you don't really have to worry about your dog or cat taking some curious nibbles at the feeder's power cord.

Lastly, the unit also comes equipped with a built-in backup battery, which can power up the feeder for up to 24 hours, just in case that the power goes off, prevents the unit from going offline, thus ensuring that your pets never miss a meal when they need feeding.


Since this automatic pet feeder is Wi-Fi-enabled and App-enabled, it will require you to have an internet connection (via Wi-Fi) in order to have the unit work at its full-capacity (meaning with all of its In-App features).

As such, this pet feeder features Wi-Fi Connectivity, thus supporting the most common Wireless Standards (802.11 a/b/g/n), operating at a frequency band of 2.4 GHz.

However, keep in mind that connecting the unit to Wi-Fi isn't required for pet owners to use their Feeder-Robot, as the unit's built-in manual controls (located on the front) can always be used with or without Wi-Fi.


As stated earlier, this automatic pet feeder also features built-in controls, that can be easily and conveniently used to set up the unit's Wi-Fi connection to your home internet as well as to configure and operate the unit's automatic pet food dispenser.

Right at the center of the unit’s Control Panel we have a Power Button.

Then, starting to go around it we have a Portion-Button (works with increments of ¼ cups).

Gravity Feed Mode

Following that, we have a Gravity-Button that’s used to activate the unit’s Gravity Feed Mode. This feeding mode is used to have the feeder automatically ensure that its plastic bowl stays full by checking every 6 hours and dispensing food as needed.

This is a great option for pets (and especially cats) that are able to control how much they eat and can just have their pet-food bowl full throughout the day.

If you’re pet can’t really control his/her feeding habits you’ll want to stay away from this mode.

Control Panel Mode

By using the Wi-Fi-Button you can activate the unit’s Control Panel Mode to schedule meals. In this mode, you’re able to schedule 1 to 4 meals a day with meal sizes ranging from ¼ of a cup up to 1 cup per meal.

By using the unit’s Control Panel Mode you’re not relying on the feeder’s proprietary App and its internet connectivity.

Manual Feeding Mode

Now, we also have a Feed-Button that allows pet owners to immediately trigger the unit’s third and last mode, meaning its Manual Feeding Mode.

In this mode, all you have to do is to simply press the unit’s Feed-Button, which will have the unit’s automatic food dispenser serving a single meal serving for your pet(s).

The company also calls this mode a “Snack-Mode”, as the Feed-Button can even be used after you already configured your pet’s meals via the unit’s dedicated Smartphone App.


Now, other than using the unit’s built-in Control Panel to feed your pets, pet owners can also control the unit's automatic food dispenser's functionalities via their Smartphone by using the unit's proprietary AutoPets Connect App, which we'll now be having a more detailed look at.

The pet feeder's proprietary Smartphone Companion App, which is simply named AutoPets Connect App and is available for free for both iOS and Android devices is what offers pet owners several different customizable feeding options that can be fully configured for this automatic pet feeder to best suit their pet's mealtime needs.

Via the App, pet owners can set their preferred number of portion-controlled meals per day to help their pets stay healthy.

Automatic Settings Save Function

Most importantly, even if the unit goes offline, those same configured meal settings are saved and memorized, so pet owners can have peace of mind by knowing that their pet will be fed the right amount of their ration on time, every time.

Low-Food Smartphone Alerts

Whenever the feeder's pet-food hopper is getting low on pet food, pet owners will also be able to get Smartphone Alert Notifications to be properly informed about the situation (if it ever occurs).

Jam-Related Smartphone Alerts

Lastly, if for any reason food is not dispensed, the unit also sends them a Smartphone notification via the App.


Inside each package, users will find: their Feeder-Robot, the unit’s proprietary 110 Volt AC Power Supply and Power Cord, as well as an included User Manual and the unit’s Quick Start Guide.


The Feeder-Robot is a Wi-Fi-enabled automatic cat feeder and dog feeder that allows pet owners to monitor and control their pet’s feeding habits right from their Smartphone.

With it, pet owners have a reliable and bullet-proof way of controlling their pets' diet and feeding habits, as well as a convenient way to always feed their pet's a small and healthy portion of pet food whenever they're still away from home, whether that means they're still stuck at the office finishing some extra work hours or out for a quick run to do some groceries shopping.

The Feeder-Robot is currently available in one of two different color models: White and Black. Additionally, you can also select whatever color model you prefer for the unit's pet hopper, meaning either Smoke (Dark Grey) or Clear (100% Transparent).

If you're interested in buying it, each unit is currently going for $249.00, and each unit also comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty. You can order yours online right now, directly from the company's official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link here.

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