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Furbo Dog Camera

Every dog owner goes through the same feelings when leaving their home, either when going to work or when going out to relax and enjoy a sunny afternoon. Leaving a dog alone at home can be quite stressful, causing a major concern when owners start to think about what their dogs might be doing. Meet Furbo, the camera that helps owners train their dogs.

Furbo is an interactive camera that helps you train your dog via its connected app, which allows you to see, talk, and even give treats to your dog when you’re away from home. Furbo offers peace of mind to every dog parent out there, letting owners stay close to their furry loved ones, no matter where they are.

The Furbo Dog Camera measures 5.91 inches long by 4.72 inches wide by 8.86 inches tall (15x12x22.5cm) and it’s spill-proof thanks to its bamboo wooden cover. It’s powered via a Micro-USB cable that can be connected from the back of the device, where the Micro-USB Input is located. The box comes with a Furbo Dog Camera, a 6.56 ft (2 meters) USB cable, a Furbo power adapter, a Quick start guide, and a free sample pack of treats.

The Furbo Dog Camera comes equipped with a Mic & Speaker that offer users 2-Way Audio, ultimately allowing you to talk to and listen to your dog. It also comes with a 1080p Full HD camera, equipped with an Infrared LED night vision and a 160° (diagonal) wide-angle lens, capable of 4X digital zoom, allowing you to see your furry companion at any time of the day. The Furbo Dog Camera also works with Amazon Alexa.

To connect to the Smartphone App, the camera requires a Wi-Fi internet connection (1Mbps upload recommended) and an available power outlet. The Smartphone App only works on devices that run iOS 10 or newer, and Android 6.0 or newer.

Lastly, there are three extra features within the Smartphone App. The Furbo Dog Camera features Fun Treat Tossing, allowing users to toss a treat to their dog with the simple touch of a button, via the smartphone App. The device is capable of storing up to 100 treats (round shaped treats with a diameter of 0.4 in/1cm are recommended).

As a second feature, the Furbo Dog Camera comes with a Barking Alert feature that automatically detects barking and features push notifications, sending you a notification whenever the alert is triggered – users can fully customize detection sensitivity according to their dog. As a third and last feature, thanks to the integrated camera, users can record Photo & Video via the Smartphone App, allowing them to track their dog’s special moments, which they can then share with family and friends.

There are also some more extra positive things to say about the Furbo Dog Camera. It can save your dog’s life from any possible fire or from something that your furry friend might eat and be allergic to, while you’re away. It can also record any house intruder situation, which is also a plus, sending owners a notification after their dog starts barking.

If you’re a proud dog parent looking for a 2-Way Audio solution capable of recording all of your furry companion’s moves for when you’re not at home, then consider getting a Furbo Dog Camera. Every unit comes with a 1-year limited warranty and a 90-day free trial of Cloud Recording, Smart Alerts and a daily Doggie Diary. This optional subscription can be canceled anytime, so you may still see, talk, toss treats, and receive Barking Alerts even without a subscription.

The Furbo Dog Camera is currently discounted and priced at $200 (previously $250). You can find it available at Furbo’s official online shop, on this page.


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