IndyHumane medical team gives pup a new life

Puddin had a rare birth defect that needed surgery.

IndyHumane has an incredible medical team, and the shelter is sharing a recent success story about one lucky little pup named Puddin.

Puddin has an extremely rare birth defect which IndyHumane and a dedicated volunteer have worked to help her overcome despite all odds. Puddin was born without a normal external rectum, meaning her colon ended abruptly just before exiting her body.

She was able to survive because her body formed a tract or communication between her colon and her vagina, called a rectovaginal fisula. The dedicated team of IndyHumane’s medical staff performed several surgeries as well as a highly specialized surgery at the Purdue Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The goal of both of these efforts was to correct this birth defect and help her go to the bathroom normally.

The surgery was successful but Puddin may never be able to completely control her bowels the way other dogs can because the normal nerve connections never developed properly. Since this condition is so rare, there is not a lot of information available about how long it can take dogs to regain continence. Some small studies suggest that it can take up to an entire year for a dog to regain their ability to control their bowel movements, and for some dogs this may never be achieved.

Shelter volunteer Rob Johansen fostered Puddin and raised money for her care.

One dedicated volunteer, Rob Johansen, has worked extremely hard to make Puddin as comfortable as possible. He has fostered her at his home and has taken her to a nutritionist where a special food was recommended to help her stools become consistent.

It has been a long journey but because of the help of IndyHumane’s medical team and the dedicated volunteer, Puddin is adoptable with an improved quality of life. IndyHumane strongly believes that her life has worth and they believe there is a special family out there that can manage her condition and provide love and support as she continues to heal and grow.

Puddin is available for adoption and ready to meet her forever family. Interested folks can apply at, and a member of the IndyHumane team will follow up to discuss her care and answer any questions you have.

Way to go, IndyHumane! Another success story!

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