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IndyHumane's Mutt Strut was a huge success!

The Pet Pals TV crew (plus Mabel) covered all aspects of IndyHumane's largest yearly fundraiser at the Speedway.

Pet Pals TV was a proud media partner with IndyHumane’s Mutt Strut this year. The numbers are in and the results are fantastic!

IndyHumane announced the largest fundraising increase in 10 years for their 16th annual Mutt Strut, which took place April 27 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In total, the 2019 Mutt Strut raised nearly $320,000 and hosted more than 3,500 participants. This is the highest revenue for the event since 2012, the largest one-year increase in event revenue in a decade, and one of the organization’s most successful fundraisers ever.

"Mutt Strut 2019 scored a very strong year with results that exceeded our goals," says IndyHumane CEO David Horth. "Many pieces were put into place and none more important than Pet Pals TV. The pre-event promotion made it possible to generate energy and interest that would not have otherwise existed. The day of coverage and post event show were superb for impact in 2019 and beyond. We are grateful to Patty Spitler and the Pet Pals crew for their wonderful effort on Mutt Strut and for Indy Humane."

The profits from 2019 Mutt Strut will support hundreds of animals in need of adoption, medical treatment, spay or neuter services, behavior training, or fostering. IndyHumane serves approximately 10,000 animals annually, from adoption services to low-cost vaccinations and life-saving surgeries.

IndyHumane is the only shelter in the state with a fully-staffed medical team and surgery suite, allowing the nonprofit organization to care for animals that come to the shelter, as well as animals that need help from other shelters and rescue groups. It is located at 7929 Michigan Road, Indianapolis 46268.


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