IndyZoo Announces International Team for New Global Center for Species Survival

From a news release:

The Indianapolis Zoo has hired a team of internationally known experts to amplify efforts to protect nature through the new Global Center for Species Survival. Their roles focus on supporting, connecting and communicating the work and efforts of more than 10,000 conservationists of the Species Survival Commission of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the world’s largest environmental conservation organization. The Global Center is part of a groundbreaking partnership between the Zoo and IUCN SSC.

These seven coordinators will begin their roles at the Global Center in the first quarter of 2021. They’ve worked over the last 10-15 years saving species on five continents and are currently moving to Indianapolis from locations around the world.

“This is the next important step in Indianapolis’ commitment to protecting nature and inspiring people to care for our world,” said Dr. Rob Shumaker, President & CEO of the Indianapolis Zoo. “The newest members of our team bring incredible expertise and passion for preserving biodiversity, and they will make a tremendous difference on a global scale.”

Made possible through a grant from Lilly Endowment Inc., the Global Center advances the Zoo’s efforts to make Indianapolis one of the world’s most conservation-literate cities. The Global Center will support the wildlife experts whose findings make up the IUCN Red List, which outlines the specific extinction issues facing all species.

The Zoo’s Senior Vice President, Bill Street, will lead the new team as the Director of the Global Center. The new coordinators are:

Monika Böhm, Freshwater Coordinator,

Cátia Canteiro, Plant and Fungi Coordinator

Sérgio Henriques, Invertebrates Coordinator

Mimi Kessler, Bird Coordinator

Riley Pollom, Marine Coordinator

Nicolette Roach, Reptile and Amphibian Coordinator

Angela Yang, Mammals Coordinator

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