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Appreciating Animal Care and Control

Whether you've come across a cat who you think is lost, a critter in need of assistance or you are looking to adopt a pet, our Animal Care and Control workers are ALWAYS at work to help!

I thought I'd take a moment to say thanks to those animal lovers in the field each day helping people, pets and all sorts of wildlife!

I personally would like to thank the officer who got creative when we were facing a snowstorm that was about to bury a litter of kittens last winter. That officer never gave up on finding a way to get these teeny tiny babies out of a dangerous spot under a porch.

As the storm approached, he suggested a last ditch effort when he asked, "Do you have a shop vac?" I'm not KITTEN you!

Watch the video to see how we were able to save these kittens by gentling "blowing" them out of the small space and into the safety of foster care!

Special thanks to Indianapolis Animal Care Services, Indy Neighborhood Cats and ARPO for working together to save these cats who I'm happy to report are now all in very loving homes.

If you know someone who works in Animal Care Services, make sure you give them your gratitude this week!

And if you want to know more about the services offered here in Indy, visit Indianapolis Animal Care Services website!


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