Joss & Main Sphere Cat Tree (Review) – One of The Best Cat Trees Ever

While cats make great house pets, these curious little felines can sometimes cause chaos in a matter of no time. As extremely curious animals, cats can quickly get bored, and so, they'll try to find something "funny" and "entertaining" to do. That can involve clawing at and/or climbing over your precious furniture, like your couch for example, or maybe your walls, and pretty much anything else they see fit to do so. However, instead of risking their expensive furniture, cat owners can give their cats a cool entertaining alternative by getting a cat tree, something like the Joss & Main Sphere Cat Tree for example.

The Joss & Main Sphere Cat Tree features a circular house at its very top made from a high-quality banana leaf material that's founded on a manufactured tripod base.

This cat tree is a great option for cat owners to give their furry friends a place to play with on-trend style, as it integrates a super comfortable carpet base with a dangling ball that's hanging right above it and a sisal rope scratching post on one of its tripod legs.

All of these fun accents should be more than enough to keep your cat entertained for days on out, while also giving the little fellow a new place to sleep and relax at (the circular house found at the cat tree's top).

And in case you're wondering whether or not Joss & Main sells good furtniture, the answer is yes, and that obviously includes the Joss & Main Sphere Cat Tree.

J&M is known for selling extremely good and high-quality furniture, mainly because the company is owned by Wayfair, which is one of the biggest furniture retailers in the world, having both a good reputation with its products as well as worldwide reach, and as a drop-shipper, the main company obviously has to enforce some quality standards.

Now, back to the Joss & Main Sphere Cat Tree.

Let's take a detailed look at this awesome cat tree and check everything it has to offer.


The Joss & Main Sphere Cat Tree is a great option for cat owners that have their cats constantly trying to claw at their furniture or climbing their walls, working as the perfect cat condo/perch for their cat(s) to play on and rest at.

This is a mid-size cat tree, meaning it measures more than 3 ft tall and less than 6 ft, making it great for most cats.

This cat tree measures exactly 21.625 inches long by 19.875 inches wide by 43.75 inches tall, weighing a total of 22 lbs.

This durable cat tree's main frame is made of a high-quality manufactured wood that makes it extremely durable.

As mentioned before, at the very top of its tripod-like design, the Joss & Main Sphere Cat Tree features a circular house that's made from a high-quality banana leaf material.

This sphere house features a front opening that measures 9 inches in diameter, which is great for your cats to leap into directly from the floor, needing only to jump a total of 32 inches up (directly from the floor to the entrance of the sphere).

Furthermore, this sphere house also features a top opening that measures 7 inches in diameter, which is great for your cat to peek from.

While this cat tree doesn't come with an included cat bed for its sphere house, the sphere is still wide enough for cat owners to easily install any circular pet bed for cats, or even just some cozy and fluffy blankets for their cats to rest on top of.

Other than its sphere house at the very top, this cat tree also comes with a durable manufactured tripod base, which integrates a carpet platform with a dangling ball hanging at its top (under the sphere house).

This gives your cat a super comfortable platform for his/her delicate paws to stand at while playing around with the dangling ball.

Lastly, one of its three tripod posts works as a sisal rope scratching post, giving your cat something great to claw at and sharpen his/her claws whenever the little fellow feels like it, which in turn keeps your furniture safe and sound from your curious furry friend's house adventures.


The Joss & Main Sphere Cat Tree offers a quick and easy assembly, which should take cat owners no more than 20 minutes.

This cat tree comes with all the needed tools to mount it included (meaning no power tools are needed), and cat owners should have no trouble at all mounting it by following the easy-to-read and understand Mounting Instructions Manual.


The Joss & Main Sphere Cat Tree is one of the best high-quality cat trees available, featuring a circular house on top of its durable tripod base and a lower carpet platform with a dangling ball and sisal rope scratching post.

If you're interested in buying the Joss & Main Sphere Cat Tree, each unit currently comes with a 26% discount from its original price of $310, now going for $230 per unit, while also coming with a 1-year warranty.

You can order yours online right now, directly from J&M’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking this link.

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