KONG BOX - Monthly Dog Box Subscription Service (FULL REVIEW)

This one is for any dog owner that loves their furry four-legged friend(s) more than anything in the whole world. If you're looking for a really cool way to spoil your dog with awesome (or shall I say "pawesome") gifts and delicious doggy treats, then the KONG BOX is the perfect way to do it.


Basically, the KONG Box is a monthly subscription service that brings both dog owners and their beloved dogs the perfect mix of dog toys and treats.

Not only that, but as all dog owners know (or should know), specifically for larger / bigger dogs, standard dog toys usually don't last that much at their paws, as bigger dog races sometimes tend to get a little overly excited and simply rip dog toys that are designed for smaller dogs to shreds.

As such, the company (KONG) allows every dog owner (no matter their dog's size) to create specific dog profiles for each of their dogs so that they can get uniquely curated boxes with specific hand-picked toys, treats and delicious doggy meal recipes with detailed instruction on each of their monthly "paw-picked" boxes.


As mentioned above, the company gives every dog owner the opportunity to create specific dog profiles for each of their dogs (no matter their dog's size), and those profiles are created according to each dog's unique personality.

The company, KONG, is a pioneering creator company of extremely high-quality dog toys that ultimately help dogs to live engaged, happy and healthy lives each and every day. KONG has been around since 1976 and is based out of Colorado.

As such, thanks to the company's vast experience in manufacturing high-quality dog toys, each dog owner receives a total of four (x4) different products within each monthly KONG BOX, as well as one (x1) additional bonus doggy toy with every first purchase.

THE KONG CLASSIC (Bonus Item - Only in the First Box)

Starting with one of the company's best selling items, the KONG CLASSIC is what's sent to you as a bonus dog toy. The KONG CLASSIC is a chewing and biting toy for dogs that works as a mentally stimulating toy, as it helps pups to satisfy theit instinctual needs (chewing and biting and playing/goofing around - since dogs have a ton of energy to spend each and every day).

This toy can also be easily thrown by dog owners. Since it is made of natural red rubber, both its vivid color and "chewy" texture make it unpredictably bouncy, and perfect for games of fetch.


As mentioned earlier, this company is already very experienced when it comes to manufacturing some of the best dog toys you'll ever find available, and as such, KONG's rubberline toys extend far beyond the KONG Classic.

As such, the first unique item you'll get each and every month is the KONG TRAINING TOY, which is a highly visible foam dummy that works as a great toss-and-retrieve toy that can ultimately teach dogs to use a soft-mouth carry.

This high-quality dog training toy is manufactured in Golden Colorado, USA, and with it, dog owners can more easily get smart about training their dogs. It's also worth to mention that this training dummy toy floats, which means that you can not only train your dog on land, but also in water with fun and exciting games of fetch.

On a different month, you can also get one of the other training toys made by the company, like their KONG Goodie Bone Training Toy for example, which basically works like a really nice chew toy and treat dispenser. Just like the classic KONG TRAINING TOY that we mentioned before, the KONG Goodie Bone is also made from a natural red rubber, while also featuring something that the company calls "Goodie Grippers", which are there to help challenge your dog to get the treats out of the toy.


The second item you'll get with each monthly box is a hand-picked Personality Toy that perfectly matches your four-legged furry friend's unique personality traits and needs. This will ultimately work as your dog's very own personal comfort and snuggle toy to get some snuggling from whenever he's feeling like he/she could use a hug.

These snuggle toys are of really high-quality and they are also extremely fluffy and plush, so you're dog is bound to get a good time hugging his/her new best friend. There are a total of 130 different KONG Snuggle Toys.


Each monthly box also comes with a total of three (x3) unique KONG TREATS that can ultimately be used in (meaning inside) the KONG toys (like the KONG Goodie Bone Training Toy that was mentioned earlier), as most KONG toys are designed to be used with KONG Treats so keep your dog(s) extra motivated to play with their brand-new high-quality doggy toys.

For each box's first treat, you might get a bag of Kong Ziggies (like we at GadgetGram did). These chicken recipe chews are meant to be used to help you dog with his/her teeth cleaning as well as to freshen your pup's breath.

The Kong Ziggies can also be placed inside any of the KONG toys. Depending on your dog's personality profile (which you'll be filling up with information when your creating it online), you'll either receive your Kong Ziggies in a small size bag (for small and medium size dogs) or in a large sized bag (for any large dogs).

For each box's second treat, you'll most likely get one of the company's most famous doggy treats, which is none other than their bag of KONG Bites. These can either be KONG Bites Chicken (chicken flavor) or KONG Bites Beef (beef flavor).

These bite-sized treats have no artificial flavors, colors, or grain, and are great to be used as a reward for your dog's good behavior or even for you dog's doggy training after a successful training routine. Lastly, they also can fit in the KONG treat dispensers (like the KONG Goodie Bone Training Toy).

Lastly, each of your monthly box's third treat you might get something like the KONG Stuff’n Sweet Potato Spread.

This mousse-like treat is mainly made of real sweet potatoes and is delicious for dogs, and because of that, it will most likely have your four-legged friend begging for more.

This mousse-like treat is meant to be used with the KONG CLASSIC dog toy mentioned earlier. Since it comes stored within an easy to squeeze tube, all you have to do is point it towards the top of your KONG CLASSIC dog toy and you'll be able to pour in some of that mousse-like treat it. Alternatively, you could also feed it directly to your dog. You can use it either as a snack or ultimately, as a reward for your dog's training sessions.


The four and last monthly product that you'll get within your monthly KONG BOX is a set of two informational papers. While one of these inserts will be a KONG Tips & Tricks Training Insert that regards tips on how to treat, train, and live with your dog, the other paper insert will be a delicious and easy-to-make KONG Dog Meal Recipe that comes described with detailed instructions so that dog owners can easily prepare it.

The KONG Dog Meal Recipes ultimately allow dog owners to let their dogs feel like their eating at a 5-star restaurant for pups. Lastly, since there are a total of 14 KONG Dog Meal Recipes to collect, you and your dog won't ever get bored of waiting for your next KONG BOX.


The KONG Box is an amazing monthly subscription service that brings both dog owners and their beloved dogs the perfect mix of dog chewing, training and comfort toys, as well as treats and informational sheets with dog tips, tricks and doggy meal recipes.

Every box ships with personality tips based on the personality profile that each dog owners creates for their dogs at KONG's online page.

This monthly subscription box brings both dogs and dog owners some of the best doggy toys and dog training tools that best fit each dog's individuality, personality, and specific needs.

If you're interested in subscribing to this monthly service, the KONG Box is already available exclusively at kongbox.com in a variety of subscription options. Customers can either choose to receive their boxes monthly or every other month. Click the link provided ahead to Sign Up today.

The most affordable option is to go for the company's 1-Year Subscription, which will equate to exactly $29.95 per box for 12 boxes.

Instead, if you only want to try out the service for half a year, you can opt to go for the company's 6-Month Subscription service, which will cost you exactly $34.95 per box for a total of 6 boxes.

Lastly, there's also a monthly "Pay-As-You-Go" Subscription Plan for any dog owners that first wants to try the service out with one box only, and this specific subscription plan will cost you exactly $39.95 per box shipment of their monthly plan.

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