Lack of emergency vets is a concern

After more than 20 years of never closing, Noah's Animal Hospital and Emergency Center had to make a difficult and historic decision to temporarily stop seeing pet emergencies during overnight hours. After being considered "essential" for more than a year and seeing explosive growth in the number of cases being seen, quite frankly, we have run low on resources. We are committed to the well-being of our employees, so we are taking this step to protect their physical, mental, and emotional health. We do anticipate returning to 24 hour care in the near future once we can hire and properly train new team members.

Noah's is not alone in this plight . . . emergency hospitals across the country have closed or limited their hours. Some are even limiting their patients to only "true, priority 1 emergencies" and might not see your pet for a lameness issue, skin problem, or ear infection. General veterinary practices are booked out for weeks and this is driving more people to the emergency hospitals, where wait times can exceed 4 or even 8 hours.

There are several ER facilities around Indianapolis: MedVet, VCA in Fishers, IndyVet, Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care (South), and Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care (Speedway). Additionally, Airport Emergi-Center is open on nights and weekends. Despite this, many clients will find that they will still need to wait. Sadly, there are some areas across the state, the country, and even across the world where emergency veterinary care access is non-existent.

PLEASE be patient with your veterinary team and your emergency veterinarians. Remember that they are triaging cases and you might see another pet go in BEFORE your pet, even if you were there first because that pet is in more critical condition. Be thankful that your pet is not the one who is skipping the line! Call ahead and see what the wait times are.

The only thing that can fix this problem is for more people to look into veterinary medicine a career. If this is your calling, please consider this as a career!

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