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Life lessons from a kitty!

My day began as any other usual day. Amelia, my beautiful lanky siamese doll doing laps across the bed chirping about sticking to the strict breakfast time schedule she has dictated since the day we adopted her. And, there was Grayson, my sweet gray "tongues out" boy licking my face to kindly reinforce the message that it is, in fact time for the foods!

Deep breath. Check clock. Yep, it's time for the foods. Here we go...

As I turned on the light, stumbled downstairs trying to avoid the kitty stampede from knocking me down, I noticed this little guy just sitting there, patiently waiting and in that moment, I said to him, "Yes, Johnny Storm! It IS going to be another great day!"

Look at those eyes! So full of anticipation, wonder, excitement, hope & joy! He starts his day --EVERY DAY-- like this. I don't know why it struck me so powerfully today. He's been the most calm, content, fun-loving kitty since August 20th when he arrived to our home thanks to the efforts of Grateful Rescue and Sanctuary to save him from...can you believe this...his euthanasia day.

I thought to myself, "I wonder if he woke up that day with the same optimistic, hopeful look?" Certainly, he had no idea how differently that day could have gone for him.

So here we are, many days later and Johnny Storm is reminding us that EVERY DAY, no matter how bleak, can be a GREAT day.

The first step is to look at the day through optimistic eyes. The next step is up to you.

Warm wishes & whisker love,


Your Kitty Correspondent

KJ can be seen sharing positive stories about cats regularly on Pet Pals TV! She has spent her entire life "raising cats" from her beginnings on a farm to over 10 years working in a cat clinic. She now works to improve feline lives by supporting shelters, rescues and providing guidance to cat lovers experiencing behavior issues or in need of help speaking their cat's language. Want to make the story of your cat a positive one? Contact KJ here for a Kitty Konsultation.


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