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Memorial center treats your pets with love and respect

Patty Spitler meets with Jane Rose and comfort dog Sam.

I can't say enough good things about Rose Pet Memorial Center (no relation!)

This full service pet cremation and memorial business, located in Northwest Indianapolis, is a comforting place to go if your fur baby has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It is run by Jane and John Rose, a couple with a lot of compassion and insight about how pets AND humans should be handled during the loss of a beloved companion.

On January 16, our Pet Pals TV host and producer, Patty Spitler, had to say goodbye to her sweet and soulful Mabel, a 15-year-old mutt who was in her family for 10 years and made many appearances with her on TV. Mabel was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease, which affects the adrenal glands. When

Mabel let Patty know when it was time to go, we took her to Noah's Emergency Hospital ( where she received the best end-of-life care. The Roses then picked her up for cremation.

Rose Pet Memorial Center has taken care of two of my kitties and several of Patty's dogs and cats. There is a chapel in which your pet can be viewed in a sweet setting and where you can spend some quiet last moments with them. In the lobby are a variety of ways you can preserve your pet's ashes: urns, hand blown glass objects, stones, boxes and even jewelry.

If this seems elaborate, it's by design.

"John and I started this business in 2013 because we didn’t like the options available to us as pet parents," says Jane Rose. "We didn’t want our dogs and cats frozen, we didn’t want them put into bags. We wanted them treated respectfully as family members.

"All of the pets we service are in pet beds with blankets, and that’s how they stay until they are cremated. And they’re only cremated privately. No other pets are cremated with them."

There are several different memorial packages you can purchase that include things like a clay paw print, a bag of fur clippings, name plates and a customized remembrance packet.

A bonus to visiting the Rose Pet Memorial Center is being greeted by three "comfort pets," a Great Pyrenees named Sam and two rescue cats named Tommy and Luna. Jane is also involved in the Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue (

Jane Rose is a Certified Pet Loss Professional and Pet Loss Companion. Rose Pet Memorial Center is a member of the Professional Pet Loss Alliance and the International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association. Services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in the Indianapolis area for aftercare service for your pet.

Below are examples of pet memorials offered:

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I love Jane Rose. Indy Vet used to have meetings for grieving pet parents and such. I had grown very attached to Lorelei, one of the dogs at IACS. When she was PTS, I grieved so terribly. Jane helped me believe that even tho I wasn't Lorelei's pet parent, that it was still perfectly normal and acceptable to grieve as tho I were. I can certainly understand why you chose her to care for Mabel and you. Love you bunches, Patty.

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