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My story: Remembering Shorty

By Bill Gerace

W. Hollywood, California

Shorty left me five years ago September 13. It was a day I will never forget or ever completely heal from.

He was my best friend. My partner in crime. My forever love. For 16 years and two days my sweet Shih Tzu was the best part of my life. Having to let him go was a devastating blow that left a permanent scar on my heart. But what’s more important is that Shorty left a permanent memory of 16 wonderful years that I would have never traded just to avoid the goodbye.

Loving a pet is a trade-off with your heart and you have to understand that the gain will never leave you while the pain of the goodbye will soften in time.

Bill Gerace and Jolie

After I lost Shorty, a few months later fate put another little gentle soul in my path to help me heal. Jolie is a chihuahua mix, a rescue dog who was meant to find me, and I was meant to find her. Together we healed each other. She didn’t replace Shorty. I think about him every day and still shed tears once a week or so. But Jolie brought love back to my heart and made me smile again.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this sweet little dog or how much she loves me. But I am so grateful for her, just as I will forever be grateful to Shorty for giving me so much joy and love. I’ve been blessed to have wonderful dogs in my life and can’t imagine living without one.

Shorty may be gone, but his little face and his little paws are engraved on my heart and on my soul. And Jolie has her little face and paws right there with his.

I miss you Shorty and I will never forget you or stop loving you.


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