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My story: Yogi the Frenchie changed my life

Karlee Mason found Yogi by posting on Facebook.

Karlee Mason


At the beginning of 2022 I began my search for a French Bulldog. I posted in a local Frenchie Facebook group that I was looking to adopt or rehome a Frenchie of any age, and that's when my life changed forever.

I was hiking in Kentucky in January 2022 with very little service when I received a Facebook message from a lady that her neighbor started fostering a female Frenchie that was 4 years old. I wouldn't leave the top of the hill where I had service until I could get more information to contact the rescue that placed her into a foster. Soon after, I found out she had a brother who was being fostered by another family.

When I got back to Ohio a few days later, I drove to Avon, Indiana, to meet both of the Frenchies, Charlie and Yogi, who had only been with their fosters for a week. That same day I ended up taking Yogi, the male, home with me to Ohio. He was 16 pounds, didn't know any tricks and needed to be crate/potty trained, but boy did he love to cuddle! He went everywhere with me: the gym, trips to see friends, coffee shops, bars, out to eat and traveling.

Yogi loves to cuddle and goes everywhere with Karlee.

Now he is almost 6, I've had him for close to two years and we now live in Indianapolis. Today he's 26 pounds, healthy, happy and loving life! Nothing makes me more proud than to give him the absolute best life and experience possible.

Frenchies can be a handful and you have to be prepared for unexpected medical expenses, but they are the greatest companions you could ever ask for.

Yogi is one of the more laid-back Frenchies I've ever met, but when you give him a toy or another dog to play with he's a wild child!


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