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New animal welfare group seeks volunteers

Renee Harlor

Pogo's Project

Pogo’s Project is a new nonprofit organization with the mission of using education and outreach to make a positive difference in the lives of dogs in Central Indiana.

Our ultimate goal is to lower the number of dogs experiencing abuse, neglect and homelessness. Shelters and rescue groups in Central Indiana are overflowing with homeless pets. We want to keep dogs out of shelters and keep at risk dogs safe.

According to the ASPCA website, approximately 390,000 dogs in the United States are euthanized every year. The site also indicates that 47% of dogs find themselves without a home due to problematic behaviors, these are listed as behavior, aggressive, behavior, pet grew larger than expected and health problems the owner couldn’t handle.

The organization will provide resources including behavior training, food and supplies to dog owners who need assistance and can’t afford it. The ultimate goal is to keep dogs with their families. Pogo’s Project will also focus on changing the stigma that surrounds pit bulls. Some reports indicate that nearly half of dogs euthanized are pit bulls.

The organization will offer fun, interactive and informative programs for students ages 8-12, designed to empower young people to make a difference, and to teach responsible pet ownership and kindness toward all living things. Middle School and High School students can join a young philanthropist club where they will learn how to fundraise, advocate and make a difference in their community.

Pogo’s Project is seeking volunteers to do a variety of tasks. Volunteers don’t need a special skill set, just the desire to make a difference. The organization is also looking for the donation of professional services, including a graphic designer, accountant, behaviorist and vet techs. New volunteer information sessions are held monthly. Sign-up is requested and can be done on the organization’s website.

People interested in learning more or who want to get involved can visit


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