• Jason

Now that's a fat cat!

The Huffington Post recently shared this story about a sweet and very fat cat that is winning over so many hearts online that an animal shelter expects they’ll need to amend their adoption process in response to a deluge of applications. Chatham County Animal Shelter in Pittsboro, N.C., posted about the cat, a male who weighs 31.4 pounds, after he was brought in as a stray. The post quickly went viral, racking up more than 1,500 likes and 13,000 shares on Facebook. The cat — now being called “Mr. Handsome” — has a personality as sweet as his face. “He loves being petted, he loves to be brushed,” shelter attendant Tiffany Foushee told The Huffington Post. “He’s a really good boy.”

The man who brought the cat to the shelter said he had been hanging around his home for around three days. Since Mr. Handsome is too big for a kennel, he’s living in the shelter break room for now, where he enjoys lounging in a cabinet. Mr. Handsome will remain on a stray hold in case an owner comes forward. If no owner is found, he’ll be up for adoption to the public. (Photo courtesy of Chatham County Animal Services)

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