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Rabbit Air A3 – Smart Ultra-Quiet True HEPA Air Purifier for Medium & Large Rooms

Whether you're living in an urban or rural area, you may experience the negative effects of a poor air quality indoors. Since the air indoors isn’t circulated as much as the air outdoors, the quality of the air inside our homes isn’t as good as that from the air outside, and that consequently allows for airborne pollutants to more easily develop indoors than outdoors. To make matters worst, because people now spend more time indoors, the impact of indoors air pollution could be significantly greater than what you might experience outside. One of the best ways to ensure the air circulating inside your home remains clean from airborne pollutants and healthy to breathe daily is by using an air purifier. These devices can efficiently remove airborne contaminants from the air indoors, including common airborne pollutants that can cause allergies and aggravate diseases like asthma (like dust, pet dander, and pollen), and can also effectively absorb unwanted odors that come from cooking fumes, cigarette smoke, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Most importantly, higher-end air purifier models can even eliminate more harmful airborne pollutants such as airborne viruses and bacteria. If you're looking for an air purifier that's truly effective at improving the air quality indoors, then the Rabbit Air A3 is the right choice to go with.

The Rabbit Air A3 is a smart medical-grade air purifier designed for medium- and large-sized rooms that's equipped with a 6-Stage Filtration System integrated by a Pre-Filter, a Medium Filter, an Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter, and a next-generation BioGS True HEPA filter, making it capable of effectively trapping particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns with a 99.97% efficiency and also particles less than 0.1 microns in size at a higher than 99% efficiency, thus reducing common allergens, viruses, and bacteria from the air indoors, plus a Customized Filter specially engineered for trapping either germs, pet allergens, toxins, or odors, and a layer of negative ions that make harmful airborne particles heavier and easier to capture, while also integrating highly-sensitive odor and particle sensors that accurately detect the amount of air pollutants indoors, a smart light sensor that helps saving power, and a brushless DC motor that boasts an ultra-quiet operation between 20.3 dB to 51.0 dB, for which it is rated to have a 1,070 sq. ft. (99.40 m²) coverage area for 2 air changes per hour and a CADR of 286 CFM / 485.9 m³/h, and also featuring a touchscreen control panel that boasts a Filter Indicator LED, an Air Quality Indicator LED, 5 Fan Speed settings, an Auto Mode, a Low-Energy Mode, and a Mood Light button, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, plus in-App controls via the Rabbit Air App for controlling its functionalities and monitoring the air quality in real time, and Voice Assistant support for Amazon Alexa.

This high-end air purifier is ideal for large homes and also for business environments such as large office rooms. Thanks to its many air filtration and air purification capabilities, this smart medical-grade air purifier can provide you with an extremely effective filtration method for the air circulating within your home. With it you can be assured that you'll be able to breathe fresh and clean air throughout the whole day.

In case you're still not convinced, have a look at our review of the Rabbit Air A3, in which we go over everything that this smart medical-grade air purifier has to offer you.


Starting with the device’s size, the Rabbit Air A3 packs at a reasonably compact size, measuring exactly 18.9 inches long by 8.4 inches wide by 19.7 inches tall (48 x 21.33 x 50.03 cm), meaning the unit is sleek enough to be installed in pretty much any small corner within a room without having it taking up too much space. The device weighs exactly 20.3 lbs. (9.20 kg).

Rabbit Air A3
Rabbit Air A3 Air Purifier – Dimensions

Speaking of its installation, note that this air purifier can also be wall mounted, as the device also comes equipped with a set of two (x2) upper wall mount fixtures integrated on its backside, plus a wall-mounting kit included in its package. This is a great option for homeowners who'd prefer to have the device wall-mounted rather than having it installed at a ground level.

Equipped with wall mount fixtures for wall-mounting

In terms of its design, this air purifier sports a gorgeous and incredibly minimalist design, which allows it to perfectly blend in with any choice of home décor. For our review unit, we we're provided with the Standard White color model, for which its body comes in a beautiful Matte White color and is also coated with a smooth glossy finish (but there's also a Standard Black model available, plus 6 premium color options that have spectacular and very eye-catching artistic designs).

Rabbit Air A3
Minimalist Design

Furthermore, the Rabbit Air A3 also features a high-quality and ultra-durable construction, as its outer shell is built of a highly durable TPU plastic material.

High-quality & Ultra-Durable Construction

Moving on to the air purifier’s internal components. For its internal air-filtration system, the Rabbit Air A3 utilizes a 6-Stage Filtration System that's composed by a Pre-Filter (traps and reduces larger airborne particles such as dust mite matter allergens, pet hair, and pollen), a Medium Filter (captures slightly smaller airborne pollutants that are still larger than 1 micron in size, including dust particles, pet hair, pet dander allergens, and pollen), and an Activated Carbon Charcoal Filter made of high-grade granular activated carbon that makes it much more effective than typical AC filters (absorbs common household odors and chemicals such as pet odors, cooking odors, exhaust fumes, greenhouse gases, tobacco smoke, and also Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)).

Equipped with a 6-Stage Filtration System

For its fourth (4th) filter, it comes equipped with a next-generation BioGS HEPA filter (rated to be a true-HEPA filter of medical-grade) that's composed of an electrostatic-charged proprietary fiber material which makes the air purifier capable of effectively trapping harmful airborne particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns with a 99.97% efficiency and also particles less than 0.1 microns in size at a higher than 99% efficiency, allowing it to effectively reduce common allergens, as well as viruses, and bacteria from the air indoors.

The air purifier's fifth (5th) filter consists of a Customized Filter of your choice that's specially engineered to physically trap and eliminate a specific type of harmful airborne particles that may be harmful to your health or even carry viruses, which could be either germs, pet allergens, chemicals and toxins, or odors. This can be either a Germ Defense Filter (for effectively trapping germs), a Pet Allergy Filter (for capturing pet allergens such as loose pet hair and also dead skin), a Toxin Absorber Filter (for effectively removing toxins from the air), or an Odor Remover Filter (for particularly absorbing and eliminating bad odors circulating within the air indoors).

As its sixth (6th) and final air purification layer, the Rabbit Air A3 Air Purifier also boasts a layer of negative ions that attach themselves to harmful airborne particles in order to make them heavier and easier to capture. This essentially allows for those airborne particles to get trapped more easily by the air purifier's filters, or to settle onto the floor where they can be picked up by your vacuum instead of accidentally inhaled.

Equipped with a layer of negative ions

In regards to the maintenance required for the air 6-Stage Filtration System, know that its filter kit (meaning the first 5 filters that compose its 6-Stage Filtration System) is fully replaceable, and is rated to have an average lifespan of up to 2 years based on a daily operation of 12 hours a day, meaning you should replace it more or less within that time-frame. It’s also worth noting that its Pre-Filter is designed to be washable.

Rabbit Air A3's proprietary filter kit ( fully-removable )

The air purifier’s proprietary A3 filter replacement kit is sold separately for $$115.95 each at Rabbit Airs’s website, as well as on Rabbit Airs’s Amazon Store. Additionally, you can also purchase A3 replacement Pre-Filters for the air purifier at $19.95 each, which are sold only through Rabbit Airs’s website.

In addition to its high-end 6-Stage Filtration System, the Rabbit Air A3 also comes equipped with highly-sensitive odor and particle sensors that make it capable of accurately detecting the amount of air pollutants indoors and adjust its fan speed accordingly to ensure the best air quality at all times.

Furthermore, it also integrates a smart light sensor that automatically detects daytime and nighttime, which not only helps to save power but also ensures a quiet operation at all times.

When it comes to the air purifier’s total coverage area, know that the Rabbit Air A3 is rated to have a 1,070 sq. ft. (99.40 m²) coverage area providing exactly 2 air changes per hour (2 ACH) (allowing it to filter a total of 8,560 cubic feet of air in 30 minutes), and a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 286 CFM (cubic feet p/ min) / 485.9 m³/h (cubic meters p/ hour), making it particularly ideal for filtering the air within medium- and large-sized rooms.

Rabbit Air A3
Best suitable for purifying the air within medium- and large-sized rooms

Lastly, for powering its 6-Stage Filtration System, this air purifier utilizes a brushless DC motor that boasts an ultra-quiet operation varying between just 20.3 dB to 51.0 dB, for which its Low-Energy Mode (lowest fan speed setting and lowest noise level of 20.3 dB) is ideal for nighttime use.

The air purifier's air intake is located at the top-side of the unit around its front panel, while its air outlet is integrated at the top-left-side of the device, through which clean air is released from in an upwards direction towards the room.

Powered by a DC brushless motor // Air Outlet ( located at the top-left-side )

The device has a rated Power Consumption of 5 to 60 Watts (120V AC / 60 Hz). Its power consumption will mainly depend on the device's configured fan speed (whether that's manually done by a user or automatically by the device's sensors).

It’s also worth noting that this air purifier won the Red Dot 2021 Design Award in the Innovative Product category, as well as an iF Product Design Award. Furthermore, this air purifier is also rated to have a Verified Zero Ozone Certification held by Intertek Sustainability, which verifies that the device does not emit more than 0.005ppm (as tested per UL 867).

Rated to have a Verified Zero Ozone Certification


For controlling the Rabbit Air A3, this air purifier also comes equipped with a built-in touchscreen control panel integrated at the top-side of the device that features a simple and intuitive interface.

Going from left to right we have a Filter Indicator LED light (only lights up when the air purifier detects that it is time to change its filter kit), followed by a Wireless Connection LED Light (informs users whether or not its Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity are enabled), an Air Quality Indicator LED light (which shows the current air quality within the room), and the device's dedicated On/Off Power button.

Built-in Touchscreen Control Panel

Then there's a Fan Speed button (boasts 5 different Fan Speed settings), an Auto Mode button (used for configuring the device to automatically regulated its fan speed and its operation - but the device also boasts a Low-Energy Mode), which is then followed a Negative Ions button (to enable or disable its Negative Ions layer), and a Mood Light button (used for changing the color of the device's LED light strip integrated at the top).


For establishing its wireless connectivity with its Smartphone App (discussed just ahead), this smart air purifier boasts both Bluetooth connectivity as well as Wi-Fi Connectivity (supporting only 2.4 GHz networks).


As an alternative to controlling the air purifier’s settings for its operation manually, users can install the Rabbit Air App in their smartphones, which is available to download for free for both iOS and Android devices.

Rabbit Air App
Rabbit Air App

Via the Rabbit Air App, users can manage the air purifier’s settings (such as its power, its fan speed settings, and its current operation mode), and also monitor the air quality in real time.


Voice Assistant Support (for Amazon Alexa)

Last but not least, the Rabbit Air A3 also features Voice Assistant support for Amazon Alexa, thus allowing users to pair this air purifier with Alexa smart home devices to control its functionalities via simple voice commands.


Inside their package, users will find: their Rabbit Air A3 Air Purifier, all of its filters (including its Pre-Filter, Medium Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, BioGS HEPA Filter, and your chosen Customized Filter), plus a detachable power cord (for powering the device), an included wall-mounting kit and a Wall-Mount Guide, along with a User Manual, a Quick Start Guide, a set of Unboxing Instructions, and also the device's respective Warranty Card.


All in all, this is a really high-end air purifier that's very reliable and incredibly effective at purifying the air indoors within medium or large rooms, for which you'll be able to experience clean and fresh air at all times. The device has a whisper-quiet operation that ensures no one in the room ever gets disturbed, and is relatively easy to configure and operate, whether from its touchscreen panel or from its mobile App.

Rabbit Air A3
Rabbit Air A3

The Rabbit Air A3 is currently available in two (x2) basic color models: Standard White & Standard Black.

In addition to those two basic color options, the Rabbit Air A3 is also available in six (x6) premium colorful patterns: Cherry Blossom White (Black tree w/ White background), Irises (Beige Background w/ Blue Flowers Vase), Cherry Blossom Black (White tree w/ Black background), Great Waves (Ocean Waves), Starry Night (City Night Sky), and Vase Of Flores (which has an incredibly artistic design in a very high quality with tons of colors).

If you’re interested in purchasing it, know that the basic color models are priced at $749.95, while any of the premium color options will cost you an additional $20, totaling $769.95. All filter options cost exactly the same, so the pricing will only change depending on whether you pick a basic color option or a premium one. You can order yours online right now, either from Rabbit Air's official shopping page, or alternatively, you can instead get it from Amazon.


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