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At the age of 10, Teagan is making more of an impact on animal rescue efforts than most adults!

You'll meet her pal Freckles, a dog rescued from the Bahamas. Learn how Freckles inspired her - and why she's featured in a new book!

Click here to order "Rescued", from author Peter Zheutlin.

Discover the astonishing lessons rescue dogs can teach us about life, love, and ourselves In the follow-up to his New York Times bestseller Rescue Road, acclaimed journalist Peter Zheutlin offers a heartwarming and often humorous new look into the world of rescue dogs. Sharing lessons from his own experiences adopting Labs with large personalities as well as stories and advice from dozens of families and rescue advocates, Zheutlin reveals the surprising and inspiring life lessons rescue dogs can teach us, such as: – How to “walk a mile in a dog’s paws” to get a brand-new perspective – Living with a dog is not one continuous Hallmark moment—but it’s never dull! – Why having a dog helps you see your faults and quirks in a new light, even if you can’t “shed” them completely – How to set the world right, one dog at a time For anyone who loves, lives with, or has ever wanted a dog, this charming book shows how the dogs whose lives we save can change ours for the better too.


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