Sadie's happily ever after

How a soul cast away as nothing became everything to one family

The harmony, loyalty and complete devotion a human shares with their canine companion has been sought after, written about and dreamt of for as long as storytelling has been around. Jeannie Beck and her family had this kind of love for their boxer of eleven years, Bubba, but assumed that this was a gift that only comes along once in a lifetime. That is, until she met Sadie.

Eight-year-old Sadie came to Canine Castaways Rescue battered and bruised on the outside, but brave on the inside. After some extensive medical attention, lots of good meals and heaps of love, she was ready to find her fairytale ending. Jeannie originally came to CCR with another dog in mind, but when these two hearts crossed paths it was love at first sight. Sadie happily hopped into Jeannine’s car, and into her life, forever.

As humans are wont to do, Jeannie expected Sadie to have some mental scars accompanying her physical ones. Sadie, as dogs are wont to do, threw that past abuse into the trash bin and embraced her new life with gusto. In just a day or two she had settled right into her new (and very last ever) home with relative ease. There was too much life to get busy living in Sadie’s future, and she was determined to not waste another second on anything other than living it up.

It wasn’t too long before Jeannie, her husband Chip, and their son Ian figured out all the things Sadie loves best. What might that be, you wonder? Well, the things Sadie loves best are them -- Jeannie, Chip, and Ian. “Wherever we are, that’s where she wants to be too. She’s completely content to hang out in whatever room we are. If Chip’s working in the garage, she’s right there, too. If I work from home, she’s in her own comfy chair next to me.” Ian works an opposite shift from Jeannie and Chip, so even in the daytime when Mom and Dad are at work, she can be found snoozing away all comfy and cozy with her big brother.

“We are simple people and like to live a quiet, simple life.” Jeannie says. After work, she and Chip like to spend a relaxed evening on the porch with Sadie, who lounges around with them or flops lazily in the mulch of the flower beds. Sometimes they will go for a short walk, sniffing the smells and exploring the nearby territory. Sadie, always up for a good car ride, runs a lot of errands with Mom, especially enjoying the car wash!

The loudest thing around the peaceful Beck household is Sadie. She was quiet the first day or so of living with them, but they soon discovered that she is an expert in the communications field. “Sadie is very talkative. If she wants something, she’s going to tell me all about it,” Mom says. Sadie barks, growls, and at times uses the power of the Intense Eyeball Stare to get her point across. A growling dog can be interpreted as scary, but that’s not the case with Sadie. Her growls are her own personal language, merely Sadie’s way to join in the conversation. She does use her voice in a more serious manner if she sees or hears something questionable, Mom tells us, but it’s her way of keeping the family safe and guarded. “She’s very observant and knows what’s going on all the time.”

Along with being a brilliant conversationalist, Sadie’s also an expert grade-A love bug! “She loves to have visitors come over, loves to meet new people and say hello to them. She shakes hands, too,” Mom says, adding that Sadie warms right up to friends and family, since they are a fresh set of ears to listen to her rambles about what she’s been up to that day. Sadie has mastered the art of the doggie kiss and is known for her generosity when handing them out. She loves to cuddle with her family on the couch, considering that to be one of her favorite pastimes.

Sadie loves to sleep. She has a doggie bed upstairs and downstairs, a chair just for her in the home office, and, of course, the couch. She makes good use of all of these soft, cushy surfaces, visiting them often. Her sleeping arrangement of choice, hands down, is snuggled up in bed with her family. “She sleeps with us at night. When I leave for work in the morning, I open my son’s door and she gets right in bed with him. She’s spoiled with all these special places to sleep and I want it that way. Whatever room she’s in, I want her to be comfy,” says Jeannie, the words of a true Mom.

Like most relationships between child and parent, Jeannie says that Sadie wants to share everything with her Mom, including dinner! Sadie gets a healthy, balanced diet of good doggie foods for her regular meals. When it’s family dinnertime, though, this little Pooch Mooch can be found planted firmly at their feet issuing polite but convincing arguments as to why she should be getting a bite for bite, share the wealth deal on the meal being eaten. “Sadie lets me know with a growl when she’s ready for another bite. If we grill burgers for dinner, I always make sure to buy one for Sadie, too,” Mom says.

When asked what challenges she faces with Sadie, Jeannie immediately responded with, “Boxers don’t live long enough. I wish we had more time with all of them.” She went on to say that we all have bad things that happen in our lives, but she and her family have already given Sadie far more love than the amount of abuse she was shown in the past, and they aren’t done yet! It’s their plan to spend the years they have left with their best girl showering her each day with reciprocating kindness, laughter, and pure love like she so freely gives to them.

This kind of human/canine relationship is available to us all, and Jeannie has some advice for anyone looking to find the joy she and her family have with Sadie. “Breeders are just in this for the money, while people who operate rescues are in it for the sake of the dog and nothing else. They spend time getting to know the animal, getting to see what their personalities are and what kind of human they need. They are invested in finding the right match between a human and a dog. Rescues are so much kinder, so passionate about the life of the animal.”

We here at CCR are thrilled with the way Sadie’s story has been unfolding since leaving us. She is a beautiful soul worthy of the nurturing humans she found. “Everyone at Canine Castaways should be really happy with Sadie’s progress in her healing and recovery. She’s doing great physically and emotionally, and they should be proud of what they have done for her,” Sadie’s Mom says. “Sadie has a lot of love to give. We are going to be sure she never has anything bad ever happen again.”

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