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Shake those booties

As I prep to head outdoors in winter extremes on the 2019 Iditarod Veterinary Team , I smile that we just upgraded my snow boots to ones that can handle cold.... -100 degrees! Lol! All the while I’ll be at a check point campsite, be it that it’ll be on a frozen lake to start the day tomorrow, but the agile athletes of the Iditarod will be the ones paws-deep in the coldest elements. While I boot-up, I smile thinking of working on the Idita-dogs who are so stinking cute in their own race booties. The musher teams each will go through a whopping 2000 plus dog booties between their 1000 mile stent! Its crucial to protect those priceless paws from ice and terrain so that they can comfortably cover so much ground. So, here in Alaska we are all prepping to shake our “booties” as tomoreow is the ceremonial start and the day we all mobilize in prep for the actual race!


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