Simply the Best!

Continuing with another show highlighting the Best of Pet Pals TV,

we'll look at our most viewed story on the internet, nearly 650,000 views, that also created the most discussion . . . fake service dogs. If you can buy a fake service dog vest over the Internet and pretend your dog is a service dog so you can take him in a restaurant with you, why is this a bad idea? You're not hurting anyone, right? Hear enlightening advice from the experts!

Want a painting of your pet? Stewie gets the royal treatment from an amazing pet portrait person. Watch artist Rita Spalding perform magic on canvas and find out why some people think a painting is the ultimate way to honor their critters.

Birds can be pets, too. Travel with Patty to a Feathered Friends meeting and get up close and personal with some really big (and smart!) exotic avian individuals. No squawking allowed!

You want a pet but are in a money crunch right now. However, you KNOW you need to spay/neuter your new family member. We'll visit a low-cost operation that provides much needed services to pets and people, Spay Neuter Services of Indiana (SNSI).

He's a facility therapy dog and his main job is to cheer up the children at the Ronald McDonald House. Multimedia journalist Steve Sweitzer gets some doggie hugs, too, from Mac, the fluffy hunk of canine love. Heartwarming story that shows that Mac is the best medicine for these kids.

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