Sphynx cats & desert dogs!

She was abandoned in the brutal Gobi Desert, but she has a wonderful human to care for her now. Meet the amazing Gobi, the tough and terrific tiny terrier, and her owner, ultramarathon runner Dion Leonard.

And join us in welcoming the fabulous reporter (and pet lover!) Caroline Thau as she travels to NYC to share Gobi's Incredible Adventure.

It's a heartwarming story that will bring tears of joy to your eyes. MUST SEE GOBI'S STORY! Oh, and there's a book out, too!! Learn more about the book at FindingGobi.com

And here's a video preview:

Ever see a naked cat? Joy Hernandez introduces us to a man who loves his hairless Sphynx cats. Find out more about this unique feline breed and what special needs they may have. Oh, and let me tell you, they have mesmerizing eyes!

Stewie gets social! My big dog isn't around many dogs as big as he

is. (Mabel and my kitties are pretty small compared to him.) Come with me to Camp Bow Wow Lawrence as Kathy Underwood and her canine-savvy staff introduce Stewie to a big pack. How did he do?

Tom Dock from Noah's Animal Hospitals drops by to explain why pet owners need to be aware of their critters’ “potty” habits. My Mabel needed some anal expression. It's not a pretty topic, but it is important.

Also on Pet Pals TV, a recent tragedy at a high school found the students struggling to cope with the death of some fellow classmates. How did Paws and Think help these kids? Reporter Adam Dunn shows us how therapy dogs from this organization delivered just the right soothing touch for the emotionally paralyzed pupils.

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