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Stewie turns 4!

Patty gets her new puppy, Stewie, in August 2015. Smooches!

You've all seen Stewie, Patty's Bernese Mountain Dog, on Pet Pals TV. On June 22, 2019, Stewie turns 4! Patty got him from a wonderful breeder, Jeannie Whitton-Smith, owner of Hoosier Roos Bernese Mountain Dogs in Amanda, Ohio. Stewie was in a litter of six pups called The Minions. Now this Minion is a handsome big boy! Here are photos of him growing up and his birthday cake on WISH TV Midday News.

Happy birthday Stewie! Have a pup cake!

Baby Stewie meets Mabel

Stewie all grown up!

Stewie gets his own cake from A Dog Bakery in Carmel

Stewie with Tara, Phil and Patty on WISH TV Midday News June 21


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