Taking Flight

We are flying high this weekend with a couple of cool bird stories. Come on along with me to visit Hoosier Feathered Friends and find out if an exotic winged creature might be the right pet for you. Did you know some birds can live 80 to 100 years? It takes a lot of future planning to care for this pet properly.

Joy Hernandez is playing “chicken” with an artist who loves to paint portraits of her rooster! And wait till you see some of her other menagerie . . . wow.

Let's talk politics . . . er, ah, no, not really . . . but let's talk “Presidential Pets”! Reporter/photographer Adam Dunn has a fascinating tour of the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site with an extensive display of critters who have been in the White House over the years. Not just dogs and cats, either . . . fascinating!

Are you a fan of the incredible Dr. Pol? I am, and I spoke to this 75-year-old veterinarian who lives in Michigan and is now the unlikely star of a weekly reality show. From frightened dogs to lunging bulls, this man loves to work his medical magic and help animals in need.

Throughout history, dogs have been man's best friend. I'll take you to the Eiteljorg

Museum’s exhibit, “Dogs: Faithful and True,” that runs through the summer. And we'll chat with an Iditarod musher who talks about the special dogs who love to run in Alaska.

Do you feed your dog table scraps? Do you know what types of human food you could and should feed your friend? Nutritionist Marty McIlvenna from Pet Wants breaks down what items are good for Fido and what you should avoid. (Stewie particularly enjoyed this demonstration!)

Join us, and treat yourself!

Eiteljorg pix Courtesy of Eiteljorg Museum

Dr. Pol pix Courtesy of Thedrpol.com

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