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Terminally ill youngster wants pix of your dogs!

Emma Mertens has received thousands of dog greetings from around the world!

Emma Mertens, a terminally ill little girl in Wisconsin, finds comfort in dogs. So when her family put out a request for pictures and letters from dogs, the world answered! Around 100,000 responses have come in from the United States and overseas by email and truckloads of snail mail at her home.

"We're receiving about 3,000 emails an hour," says her dad, Geoff Mertens. "It's beyond overwhelming."

Seven-year-old Emma Mertens is fighting a rare and inoperable brain tumor. To raise her spirits, friends and family began sending Emma pictures of dogs, which are her favorite animal and bring her comfort. The request began to spread throughout her community – then the country – then the world.

Emma would be so happy to hear from your pup! Because of the huge response at home and in emails, her parents have requested that all photos and notes be sent to her Facebook page:

A fundraiser page to help with Emma's mounting medical bills surpassed its goal of $100,000 on Thursday. If you would like to donate, click here:

Geoff Mertens estimates they've received more than 100,000 pictures of pups from around the world. "If you knew Emma, you would know that's exactly what she would do for other people, she's just a kind, big-hearted kid who just likes to do nice things for other people," he says.


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