The 848-day wait is over for Moby!

Moby's new humans are Jack and Sarah, who live in Brown County.

Pet Pals TV loves a happy ending! A few weeks ago, host Patty Spitler and WISH-TV reporter Dick Wolfsie did a story on Moby, a dog who had spent more than two years at the Brown County Humane Society shelter. Now, Moby has a home! Here’s the story from BCHS:

Nashville, Ind. – After spending 848 days in a shelter kennel, Moby has finally taken his freedom ride. Moby, a dog from the Brown County Humane Society shelter, was adopted on Saturday, April 11. Moby is the longest-stay dog in BCHS’ 54-year history.

Moby is so happy about his new home!

“Today was a day that our entire staff has been waiting so long for,” said Caity Roberston, shelter manager. “It was bittersweet to watch Moby go off to his new home. I will miss his snaggletooth smile and goofy personality, but I could not be more excited for his future. Thank you to his new owner for giving him the chance to live his best life.”

Moby arrived at BCHS on Dec. 15, 2017. Little was known about his background, but it was quickly evident that his life had not been easy. Moby’s first reaction when meeting a stranger was fear, which manifested in barking and growling as a way to protect himself.

Staff worked with Moby and learned that once you were in his circle, he was your best friend. When he let his guard down, Moby was an outgoing dog who loved hiking, playing with toys and cuddling on the couch.

For over two years, Moby met potential adopters that were not the right fit. Finally, potential adopters who understood his needs was ready to commit to winning his trust. Moby’s adopters, Jack and Sarah, spent over a week visiting daily to allow him to get acquainted with them and trust them. Staff also took Moby to his potential new home for visits prior to adoption so that he would be comfortable in his new environment. Because of the dedication of both staff and the potential adopters, Moby became comfortable enough to go to his new home and begin his new life.

The Brown County Humane Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving Brown County Indiana’s homeless dogs and cats. BCHS operates the county's only animal shelter.

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