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The GoPet PetRun PR700 TreadMill Helps to Keep Your Pups Fit

If you’re the type of pet owner that’s committed to fitness, you should know that we’ve finally reached a point in society in which dogs can now get their own gym equipment. If you want to take your furry friend along on your fitness journey, or you just want him to get a healthy amount of exercise, then the GoPet PetRun PR700 Toy Breed TreadMill might just be exactly what you’re searching for.

GoPet, LLC is a company that started its business back in the spring of 2006. The company is focused on developing, testing, manufacturing, and marketing canine exercise equipment. The company has continuously provided the canine training community and veterinary community with healthy choices for animal exercise/injury recovery.

Now, let’s take a detailed look at the GoPet PetRun PR700 Toy Breed TreadMill.


The GoPet PetRun PR700 Toy Breed TreadMill has a total weight of 63 lbs and supports any dogs that weigh up to 44 lbs, meaning this doggy treadmill is designed specifically for small dogs.

The treadmill comes shipped in a package that measures 47 inches long by 26 inches wide by 12 inches tall, weighing around 98 pounds.

The PR700 TreadMill features a low running platform for easy and safe access with a running area that measures 28 inches long by 16 inches wide.


The GoPet PetRun PR700 Toy Breed TreadMill comes with an included Remote Control (allowing pet owners to control the speed levels wirelessly), as well as its own power cord (to power the unit).


Easy Storage

Thanks to its small size (47” L x 26“ W x 12 “ H), the GoPet PetRun PR700 TreadMill is small enough to be stored away easily.

Slow and Steady Speeds

The GoPet PR700 doggy treadmill features a gradual start function, offering pet owners speed ranges between 1 – 8 MPH. This means that dogs can easily get used to the machine with the slowest speed, and then gradually build their way up to the highest speed setting.

Silent Operation

The treadmill comes with a built-in silent driving system that offers an ultra-quiet operation, meaning you’ll hardly notice it when it’s running.

Easy Mobility and Great Motivation

Just like all other GoPet TreadMills, the PR700 comes equipped with dolly wheels that provide easy mobility of the TreadMill, and also comes with a metal eyelet that can be used to attach any of your pet’s favorite toys, which can ultimately encourage running.

Easy Controls and Ultimate Safety

The GoPet PR700 also features push button controls that provide gradual increase and decrease of speed, as well as a safety lock system that always protects your furry friend from any injury.

And for even easier controls, the PR700 TreadMill’s handy remote control means you won’t have to get up every time you want to change speeds or start and stop the machine. The GoPet PetRun PR700 TreadMill also features a timer option, allowing you to keep track of your furry friend’s workout.


Featuring a low running platform, the GoPet PetRun PR700 TreadMill allows your dog to stretch their legs with safety. It is easy for them to climb aboard and start exercising when the mood strikes them. And when it’s running, you’ll hardly even notice it since its silent driving system offers an ultra-quiet operation.

The GoPet PetRun PR700 TreadMill is also extremely easy to use thanks to its wireless controls (via the remote control), as well as safe to use thanks to its safety lock system, which protects your furry friend from injury.

If you’re interested in buying the GoPet PetRun PR700 Toy Breed TreadMill, each unit is currently priced at $560 and comes with a 1-year warranty. You can order the GoPet PetRun PR700 DogTreadmill online, directly from GoPet’s official website. You can do so by clicking here.


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