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Throwing a puppy birthday bash that's the whole K-9 yards

Last spring, my stepbrother and I both got Cockapoos around the same time. His puppy, Mack, was born in January, and my puppy, Teddy, was born in February. They instantly became the best of friends and love nothing more than getting to play with each other. So, when their first birthdays rolled around, it was only natural that we had to host a combined party to celebrate.

Inspired by their friendship, the theme was based off the television show, Puppy Pals. We had a Puppy Pals backdrop where the boys and their furry guests could take adorable photos. There was also Puppy Pals balloons, plates, and cupcake toppers.

Teddy and his BFF (Mack) put on their birthday bow ties and prepared for their guests to arrive. Seven of their best furry friends came out (many dressed to the nines) to run around and celebrate the last 365 days. The pups enjoyed peanut butter puppy cake and cookies from Wufers.

Left: Teddy and mom (Taylor); Right: Mack and mom (Genesis)

For the human guests, we offered a variety of dog-themed appetizers. Paw Prints (Cheetos paws), Puppy Poops (Oreo balls), Pupcorn (popcorn), Dog Bones (bone-shaped Rice Krispy treats), and Scooby Snacks (graham crackers with cookie dip).

The dogs had a ball chasing each other around the house and snacking on cake and cookies. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so check out the photos below; perhaps they’ll inspire you to throw your own canine fest!

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