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Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash for Walking/Running/Jogging/Hiking with your dog

For any dog owner that loves to go walking, running, jogging, hiking or any other similar outdoors activity with their dog(s) that involve/require a lot of body movement, doing it with their four-legged friends while using a traditional dog leash can be quite the challenge. However, going for a bit of outdoors exercise with your furry friend(s) doesn't have to be a nuisance and a hard task. By using a hands-free dog leash like the Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash dog owners can have more freedom of body movement while also being able to keep Fido close to them while exploring the outdoors and/or during any outdoors physical activity.

The Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash is a high-quality hands-free dog leash system that integrates a four foot leash that can be easily clipped to an adjustable waist belt, which, mind you, is super comfortable to wear during outdoor activities. This hands-free dog leash system was designed to be used with medium to large sized dogs.

With it, dog owners can get an easier and more natural way of walking, running or hiking with their dog(s).

Let's have a detailed look at this awesome hands-free dog leash system and check everything it has to offer.


The Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash system is is a very comfortable-to-use hands-free dog leash that can be easily worn around your waist, measuring 5" × 7" × 2". Furthermore, this hands-free dog leash system is also extremely lightweight, weighing just 0.625 lbs.

As mentioned before, this hands-free dog leash system was designed to be used with medium to large sized dogs, as it comes with all the necessary components to keep Fido close during outdoors activities. Furthermore, this hands-free dog leash system is made from durable and weather resistant materials, making it perfect to go explore the outdoors with your dog(s).

The system comes equipped with a versatile easy-glide belt attachment that works as an innovative leash connector that easily slides along the system's waist, thus giving dog owners maximum mobility and freedom during their outdoors adventures with their dogs.

This ingenious durable clip smoothly slides along the lightweight belt, thus allowing dogs to move easily from side to side around their owners' waists, which basically means more freedom for both owners and their pups during runs, hikes, jogs, etc.

Thanks to its adjustable waist belt, the system can be comfortably worn around your waist, easily fitting any waist size between 26 inches to 48 inches in diameter.

The system also integrates a strong shock absorbing bungee that helps to prevent strain on dog owners' back, arms, and shoulders. This strong durable bungee works as an extendable 4-foot leash that's long enough to provide dog owners with plenty of space, and that same extendable leash can easily stretch out up to 5 feet when fully extended. This way, dogs can comfortably run in front of their owner, as well as beside them, all without dog owners ever feeling like they're about to step on Fido.

Additionally, this hands-free dog leash system also comes with comfortable and easy to grip dual handles that offer dog owners full control over their dogs. These handles offer dog owners the freedom of having a regular leash as well as the security of keeping their dog close in tight situations.

With the system's two conveniently placed handles dog owners can control their pup without breaking stride to easily guide their dog back on track, or ultimately use the collar handle for more direct control in tight situations.

While the handles offer dog owners some extra control over their dog, the system's strong bungee is strategically placed between those two handles to keep dogs' pulling to a minimum and to fully absorb shock.

Lastly, the system is also carefully finished with a luminous reflective stitching finish that goes all the way along the length of the leash and the 48" waist belt, ultimately allowing both dog owners and their dogs to be seen at night during their late evening adventures, thus ensuring they always stay safe and visible at night time.


A hands-free dog leash system offers dog owners tons of advantages. To start with, it helps to relive shoulder pain, which is mostly caused by traditional dog leashes after dog owners hold them with their arm(s) extended exactly in the same position for long periods of time.

Furthermore, for any dog owner that's passionate about running, it also helps to improve their natural running motion. Not only that, but it also gives dog owners much better control over their four-legged friends when navigating around irregular terrain.

Additionally, for active moms/dads of newborn babies, it allows them to have both hands free from controlling their dog(s), which ultimately allows them to keep both hands on their baby's stroller. That's because their dog(s) will be connected to their hands-free dog leash system's waist belt via an attachable and extendable leash that also seamlessly connects to their dog's collar. This way, parents of newborn babies that are also dedicated dog owners can stay focused on their little one while still being able to take Fido for a walk.


The Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash is a high-quality hands-free dog leash system that integrates a four-foot leash that can be easily clipped to an adjustable waist belt.

This hands-free dog leash system was designed to be used with medium to large sized dogs. The system’s adjustable waist belt is extremely comfortable to wear during any outdoor activities.

While this system was designed to mainly be used around dog owners’ waists, users can also quickly change it from a hands-free to an hands-on dog leash system to ultimately use it as a standard leash.

Hands-free dog leash systems are, without a single doubt, the best way of going on outdoors adventures with your dog, and this system is probably one of the best around to do just that.

The Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash is currently available in a total of seven (x7) different energetic dual-color models: Green/Gray, Teal/Gray, Gray/Blue, Gray/Coral, Gray/Orange, Gray/Purple, Gray/Yellow, or plain Gray.

If you’re interested in buying this hands-free dog leash system, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $23, now going for $20 each. You can order yours online, directly from Tuff Mutt’s official shopping page, which you can access by clicking here.


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