WATCH NOW: A tortoise, pugs, steers and more on Pet Pals TV!

CLICK HERE TO WATCH! Slow and steady wins the race . . . and this tortoise also won the heart of his owner! Meet Boris the Tortoise and find out why Tyler Sheller loves to show off his handsome boy. Oh, and you'll never guess where this guy hibernates: In the refrigerator! (I see you are shell -shocked by that remark!) Adam Dunn has the story for you.

It's called The New Dog Flu and some pet owners are completely losing it . . . fearing the worst if their canine companions get this new strain of influenza. Tom Dock from Noah's Animal Hospitals calmly and expertly tackles some pressing questions and also reveals some great suggestions for worried dog lovers.

It's a Pug Life for these lovers of this small but noble breed! Find out what pugs love, what to expect from them, and what they do best (er, ah, that would be to sit on your lap and kiss you, true!)

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OK, let's talk. You have a pet. You love your pet. Your pet is in the house. Sooner or later, your pet will piddle on the carpet. How best to clean this offending accident? Not with harsh chemicals . . . the right way to clean is the Zerorez technique, with Empowered Water. We'll take you to a home with a puppy piddle problem and check out this great Green Clean!

We don't want to steer you wrong, but some folks have pets other than cats or dogs. Meet a man who has Longhorn steers as his pet of choice. Why? Well, you'll just have to tune in to Pet Pals TV for this moooo-ving story with Joy Hernandez!

And pets so cool.. they gotta wear shades! We asked for your eclipse accessory photos, and we'll show the best ones on Pet Pals TV!

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