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WATCH NOW! Complete episodes of Pet Pals TV

Stuck inside the house? Aren't we all! Enjoy these encore episodes of Pet Pals TV. From Pigcasso the painting pig to Pistachio the Miracle Maltese - enjoy these heartwarming, informative 30 minute complete episodes:

Pigcasso episode:

  • This pig was rescued from a slaughterhouse and now she's a superstar! Pigcasso not only has an artist side, but her artwork also is raising money to help other rescue critters. Jason Heath gives us a “brush up” on this painting pig!

  • Medical Mutts is doing groundbreaking work training dogs to alert people BEFORE they have a seizure. Adam Dunn has your sniffing story.

Sphynx cat episode:

  • A young couple, torn apart by personal tragedy when the husband unexpectedly passes away. Heartbreak turns to healing as the wife finds solace in the pittie pup she and her husband had planned on adopting. Adam Dunn shares her story

  • Ever see a naked cat? Joy Hernandez introduces us to a man who loves his hairless Sphynx cats. Find out more about this unique feline breed and what special needs they may have. Oh, and let me tell you, they have mesmerizing eyes!

2019 Mutt Strut episode

  • Come along with us as we strut at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 16th annual Mutt Strut! Aptly christened “The Greatest Spectacle in Dog Walking,” you'll enjoy reliving the Speedway experience when thousands of dogs and humans make their way around the iconic venue. We even found a pig having the time of her life!

  • Patty took a break to go to Hollywood and talk with Dennis Quaid about the furry film, “A Dog's Journey.” She chatted with Dennis Quaid and Marg Helgenberger

More episodes coming soon - so watch this space!


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