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Watch on TV: In love with Gus!

Gus is a good ol’ boy . . . and he's a therapy dog, too! His job is to make people - staff and patients alike - smile and forget their troubles for just a few minutes at least. Patty takes you inside Eskenazi Health to visit with this laidback Australian Labradoodle as he comforts his fans and friends.

It's hard to be in the hospital, especially when you're a child. Our Adam Dunn takes us inside Riley Hospital for Children as we follow Finn the greyhound on his appointed rounds, spreading cheer and warm thoughts. It's must-see TV!

It's a girl! The Indianapolis Zoo is happy to announce the birth of a reticulated giraffe. You'll find out why this is so important, not just because this baby is ohhhhh sooo adorable, but for the species, it's a huge step in the right direction. Oh, and the baby's name? Makena, which in Swahili means "happy one" or "abundance". (By the way, this baby was over six feet tall when she was born . . . yikes!)

He's living his dream. Steve Sweitzer introduces us to a man who always wanted to be a wildlife photographer for National Geographic . . . and that's just what he does! But it's not your typical job, and involves some incredible risks. But, oh man, those incredible up-close pics of amazing wild animals is such a wonderful gift to all of us critter lovers!


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