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Paint Your Pet Party!

“Extinct or Alive?” That's the title of the latest special series offering from Animal Planet. Patty has info on the man who discovered a tortoise that was thought to be extinct for the last 113 years!! Travel with us to a remote Galapagos Island to view this incredible wildlife discovery.

It's a way to raise money for shelters and rescues and get a portrait of your pet at the same time! Joy Hernandez takes us to a Paint Your Pet Party! as participants gather to help a bulldog rescue while creating some pretty cool pet pics in the process.

Tigger is a cutie. Tigger is a kitty. Tigger is a FEMALE orange cat! Meet Tigger and her owner as we find out more about cats with our Certified Veterinary Journalist, Tom Dock, from Noah's Animal Hospitals.

They are “dwarf” dogs, herding dogs and certainly lovable dogs. Meet Archie the Corgi who is a “working dog” for Legacy Window and Door. He's their Mutt Mascot! Owner Mark Spencer is proud of his Archie, who never asks for a pay raise, just more cuddles and kisses. 

Come to my birthday party at the gorgeous, iconic Skyline Club. It's all to benefit IndyHumane as any gifts to me are directed to this venerable shelter. Fun and furry for all (and no, don't ask how old I am in dog years . . . pleeeeezzz!)


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