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A little girl on a big crusade to help animals!

Teagan Sparhawk is 10 years old, and she's on a mission to save homeless animals!

Nearly four million dogs in the US make their way to animal shelters each

year, and even more outside this country…. there they remain until someone rescues them or sadly, are euthanized.

Teagan felt a calling at the age of 6 to change those statistics and she is now gaining national attention for her work. Pet Pals TV's Caroline Thau traveled to the East Coast to meet with this little girl who is already doing so much.

Teagan is one of several heroes you'll meet in the new book, "Rescued," by New York Times best-selling author Peter Zheutlin. Meet the dog that Peter rescued - and his message to everyone thinking of adopting a shelter animal.

You're going on vacation and you need to find a suitable facility for your pet while you are out of town. Not hard to do if that pet is a dog or a cat -- there are many reputable kennels that offer great accommodations. BUT, what if your pet is a cockatoo, or a tortoise, or a ferret? Joy Hernandez introduces us to the only exotic-animal boarding facility in Indiana, and one of the few in the country. And check out video of this camera hog, Lucky the bird!

Meet Wilbur! Wilbur is a very fashionable pit bull who is quite the celebrity draw at all kinds of events. He even has his own Kissing Booth! His owner, Lindsey Meister, talks about how this stylish, sweet canine is an Ambassador for Good. PLUS, you'll meet our newest reporter for Pet Pals TV, the equally stylish and sweet James Wide.


Did you love the Great Indy Pet Expo? We'll take you behind the scenes and wrap up this huge yearly get-together for pets and their people!


Pet Pals TV just turned 8 years old . . . yay us! Thank YOU for supporting us and loving our show. Come on along as we salute some of our friends and sponsors at a recent anniversary party . . . it was a furry frenzy of fun!

We take some time to salute a friend of the show. Don Rabe was a huge dog lover and proficient canine trainer. Don passed away just a few days ago, and we honor his memory with one of his wonderful segments on leash training. Rest easy, Don. We will miss you.


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