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Cat worker of the year!

Pete loves pups! Nothing so unusual about that, except for the fact that Pete is a cat! Meet this friendly furry feline who makes his home at the Southside Animal Shelter, and he spends all of his time cozying up to the canines.

From chihuahuas to pit bulls, Pete is the very best friend of these abandoned rescue dogs. Danielle McConnell has this heartwarming story of CATastrophic proportions!

You love pets. You want to help them. Your dream is to start your own rescue, but you haven't a clue about where to start. Meet an attorney-turned-author who takes you through the legal process of how to get going on your own rescue in a book titled “Rescue Me.”

Considering living downtown, but worried you can't find an apartment that welcomes your pet? Look no further that Axis Apartments. A luxury facility for people and pets, Axis boasts the largest indoor dog park, too. Plus they welcome kitties. We'll take you on a tour of this unique complex that's setting new standards in critter care!

Oopsie! Someone had an accident on the carpet, and you've got company coming over for the holidays. Now what? Poopoo is not a problem. Never fear, Zerorez is here! Boasting no harsh chemicals and empowered water, Zerorez gets your carpets insanely clean! Visit their website.

Picture your pet for the holidays! Tune in to see if your favorite fuzzy face made the montage on Pet Pals TV!


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