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Fi Smart Dog Collar – The Collar That Never Stops Tracking Your Dog

If you’re looking for a new dog collar for your dog, the Fi Smart Dog Collar might be worth taking a look at.

This is the smartest smart dog collar currently available. It’s chew-proof and water-proof (even the ocean), Bluetooth and GPS enabled 24/7, allowing to track your dog’s location, walks and activity, and will help you keep your dog in good shape.

Now, let’s take a more detailed look at it.


The Fi Smart Dog Collar features a durable design. The collar is chew-proof, waterproof (rated with IP68 rating – making it capable of withstanding even the ocean), and generally dog-proof.


The Fi Smart Dog Collar offers doggy owners unmatched battery life. With an average battery life of 3 months between charges, it offers 20x more battery life than any other GPS tracking device. This means all you have to do is put it around your dog’s neck and forget about it.

Recharging the device via its charging station only takes you a few hours, so it’s recommended you do it over the night.


The Fi Collar comes in a sturdy box, together with its recharging accessories. Within the box users will find: one Fi Dog Collar, the included charging station (you place your Fi Collar here and let it stay until it’s fully charged), a wall plug (connects with the charging station via a cable), and a cable that connects the charging station and the wall plug.

The package features a really nice presentation that will certainly leave a smile on your face.


Activity Tracking – Keep your dog active and healthy

The Fi Dog Collar is made for natural dog athletes. With it you can keep your dog active and healthy via its companion App (more on that later). The Fi allows you to hit your dog’s daily, weekly, and monthly step goals.

Dog owners can also compare their dog’s score with other dogs in their area, as well as see how active they are when they’re not around (while at work or when going out of the house).

GPS Enabled – Track your dog’s location, anytime from anywhere

The Fi is the only smart dog collar on the new LTE-M Network. This means that you’ll always have the best coverage no matter where you are in the US, allowing you to instantly track your dog’s location anytime, from anywhere.

With the Fi Smart Dog Collar, not only you can track your dog 24/7, but you’re also able to keep an eye on dog walkers and caretakers.

Multi-Owner – Set up multiple owners and caretakers

Doggy owners can also add as many owners to their Fi account as they need. Users can also give temporary access to a walker to keep their pup safe and protect their privacy.


The Smartphone App is completely free (available for downloading on Google Play and on the App Store) and pairs with the Fi Dog Collar, the world’s first LTE smart dog collar. The Fi App brings you even closer to your dog.


With it you can build a personal profile for your furry companion, view your dog’s location and activity levels, all from the App.

Programmed for Safety

Within the App dog owners can also set safe zones and be alerted if they ever escape from a designated safe area by receiving escape notifications on their smartphone.

The best part is that if you’re leaving town for some nice vacations or if you’re traveling for work you can create as many Safe Zones as you need.

Lost Dog Mode

There’s also a Lost Dog Mode that you can activate to quickly track down your dog, helping you to bring your best friend home safe and sound.


As said before, the Fi Smart Dog Collar is simply the smartest smart dog collar on the market, proving to be one of the greatest products around for your dog’s health and safety.

The Fi Collar is chew-proof, fully water-proof, Bluetooth enabled and GPS enabled 24/7 to track you dog’s location, walks & activity, and helps you keep your dog healthy and in good shape.

The Fi Dog Collar is currently available in 2 different colors: Gray and Yellow. The Fi is available in 4 different sizes: Small/S (11.5″–13.5″ neck), Medium/M (13″–16.5″ neck), Large/L (16″–22.5″ neck), and Extra-Large/XL (22″–34.5″ neck).

If you’re interested in getting it, each Fi Smart Dog Collar is currently priced at $150 and comes with a 1-year warranty. You can order it at the official website, which you can access by clicking this link.


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