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GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4 – The Safest Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs

If you love to play “Fetch” with your furry friend(s), then you should definitely take a look at this gadget. The GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4, an automatic dog ball thrower is an award-winning and one of the best Automatic Ball Throwers for dogs currently available, designed by GoDogGo Inc.

GoDogGo Inc is a family-owned and operated a small business that was started in 1999. The company proudly sells directly to U.S. consumers and is highly recognized for its high-quality ball machine for dogs, accompanied by superior old fashioned customer service and product support to keep your ball-crazy dog(s) happy and healthy.

  • Note: This video is from the previous model, the GoDogGo Fetch Machine G3.


The GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4 is probably the safest automatic dog ball thrower/ dog ball launcher available to date, packing a ton of safety features, as well as many different configurable settings. It offers time/distance settings while keeping your dog safe with its Exclusive Safety Arc design and ball activated Auto Stop features.

Let’s take a detailed look at everything this automatic ball thrower for dogs has to offer.


The GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4, Automatic Dog Ball Thrower features a sturdy build, meaning that it’s built to last. This automatic ball thrower for dogs was designed to be used by dogs of all sizes. The device comes equipped with a Wide Mouth Bucket that allows for your dog(s) to easily return the ball to the machine. This ergonomically designed bucket allows lets dog easily drop the ball inside the bucket, no matter the dog’s size, making it great for both small and large dogs.

This automatic ball thrower can be used with many different ball sizes, and that includes both styles and brands, working with balls sizes between 1.75″ – 2.6″. Dog owners can use it with Chuckit Balls, the Tuff Ball, the Kong Ball, Squeaker balls, racquet balls and many, many more.

Keep in mind that the maximum distance will vary based on ball size, style, condition, and brand. Remember to always select the appropriate ball size for your dog.

The GoDogGo Fetch G4 operates with either an AC Adapter (which is included) or Battery Power (by using 6 D-cell batteries – not included), making it great for both indoor and outdoor use. You can use it at home as well as when going out to a park, camping in a remote place, etc. The machine also comes equipped with a Gear System that ensures a quiet operation.


The GoDogGo Fetch G4 comes with 3 Tennis Balls that measures 2.5 inches in diameter, a Remote Control for owner controlled play, some Standard Replacement Parts for easy replacement, its included AC Power Cord Adapter, and an Owner’s Manual.

As stated before, using 6 D-cell batteries will also work to power the unit, but these are not included.


Configurable Settings – Time Delay Settings & Distance Settings

The GoDogGo Fetch G4 offers many different configurable settings. By using the included Remote Control, you can trigger each ball toss when desired or set the device to launch automatically.

If you’re only using one ball, the machine will automatically delay its ball launch to help protect your dog(s) from getting popped with the ball when standing close to the machine (after the ball is returned). The Remote Control lets you choose between three different delay times: 4 seconds delay, 7 seconds delay, and 15 seconds delay.

The GoDogGo Fetch G4 offers 3 different distance settings, with a maximum launch distance of up to 45 ft. away.

Safety Features & Ball Features

As stated before, the GoDogGo Fetch G4 was designed with safety in mind. Its Safety Arc design forces the machine to launch all balls upwards and away from your dog, and never, ever directly at your dog. This ensures that your dog never gets popped up close after delivering the ball, always keeping him safe while playing “fetch” with the machine during automatic ball launcher play.

The GoDogGo Fetch G4 also features Ball Track for use with 1 to 25 balls depending on the size of each ball. You can use a single ball for independent fetch or owner-controlled play when using the included Remote Control.

Lastly, by using the included Remote Control you can activate the Auto Stop Feature for on demand play, which means the launcher will not run unless at least one ball is loaded.

Final Thoughts

The GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4 is an automatic ball launcher for dogs that’s designed with safety in mind. It keeps your dog safe with its Exclusive Safety Arc design and ball activated Auto Stop features, offering you many different time/distance settings to configure it as you and your dog prefer.

This machine is without a doubt one of the safest automatic ball launchers for dogs currently available, and will surely provide endless hours of fun for both you and your dog(s). It’s great to have around whenever your dog is feeling super energetic and wants to play for more hours than you can handle (either because of work, or your own energy), or even when you have an elbow injury and don’t want your dog to be sad and left alone without playing his daily game of “fetch”.

If you’re interested in getting the GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4, each unit is currently discounted from its normal price of $180, and now going for $150 (saves you $30). Each unit can be returned within the first 30 days of purchase, and also comes with a 6-month warranty.

You can get yours at GoDogGo Inc’s official website, on its online shopping page, by clicking this link that’ll take you to it.

The GoDogGo Fetch Machine G4 is also available on Amazon for a limited time during the holiday season (it’s not typically sold on Amazon).


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