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HandsOn Gloves – Animal Gloves for DeShedding/Bathing

Any pet owner can tell you how hard grooming their pets can be. Not only is already hard to get your pet to be calm and relaxed, but it can also be physically demanding to scrub their hair and/or fur. But not anymore, thanks to the HandsOn Gloves. These are animal grooming gloves, designed specifically for DeShedding (removing hair from your pet’s undercoat, which may not be effectively removed while brushing or combing, as these focus primarily on removing hair and debris from the top layer of fur), ultimately making the process much easier for any pet owner.

The HandsOn Gloves are a revolutionary concept that reaches far beyond the traditional curry combs, mitts and shedders on the market today. It doesn’t matter if they’re wet or dry; they simply won’t slip or fall off. The HandsOn Gloves also provide you and your animals with a more thorough and enjoyable bathing and grooming experience.

The HandsOn Gloves feature scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms, providing a deep thorough clean, while also making these some of the best (if not the best) de-shedders available. Another added benefit is that your animals hair won’t stick to the HandsOn Gloves; with a simple flick of the wrist the hair gets instantly released, meaning that you can just focus on caring for your animal. The HandsOn Gloves also feature a textured surface with extra-flexibility, allowing you to better massage and improve circulation while distributing natural oils and promoting a healthy skin and coat. The textured surface also helps your animals to relax while you groom them, which consequently helps you to naturally build a bond with your animals.

Wet or dry, these 5 fingered grooming gloves are unbeatable, proving to be the perfect combination between scrubbing nodules and fingers/palms. With the HandsOn Gloves, pet owners can massage their pets’ muscles and stimulate circulation. The gloves tactile touch allows for any pet owner to gently clean sensitive areas like legs, faces, ears and tight body contours.

Your hands and fingernails will also stay clean during the entire process. The HandsOn Gloves provide a versatile, flexible grip that facilitates handling water hoses, shampoo bottles, lead ropes, leashes, or anything else you may need to grab or hold while wearing them. Since the HandsOn Gloves fully-protect your hands and fingernails, manure and other foul-smelling stains are also much easier to clean when wearing them.

Since their textured surface helps your animals to relax, animals favor the HandsOn Gloves touch far better than any other grooming/massage products. This allows you to connect with your animals on a level far beyond other grooming products. The HandsOn Gloves are compact and can easily fit in your pocket, grooming caddy, tote or bag. They’re both lightweight and extremely durable, and do not crack, tear or mildew (even when under heavy grooming and bathing conditions).

The HandsOn Gloves make grooming time much easier for any pet owner, and after getting used to them, your animals will certainly gravitate to you, wanting more grooming and petting time. These are also great to clean your horse(s), proving to be one of the best equestrian grooming products available.

You can get the HandsOn Gloves in 3 different colors: Black, Green, and Purple. If you’re interested in getting the HandsOn Gloves, they’re currently discounted from their older $29.99 MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), and one pair is currently going for $25 (saving you $5). You can also save some money if you buy 1 or 2 extra pairs. You can find the HandsOn Gloves available on their official website, on this page.


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